Friday, June 20, 2014  
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An Intelligent Soul
3/12/2014 12:06:49 PM

By Hakim Abdul-Ali

I was in a local store recently when I witnessed a young teenage male blurting out some of the most unmentionable profane words to one of his “partners” in front of a somewhat astonished group of shoppers. The shoppers and store staff seemed to be shocked but no one said anything, appearing to be more afraid than stunned.

This bothered me because the young men were African-Americans, maybe all of fifteen-years-old, at my best judgements. Something in me told me to tell them to curb their ignorant diatribe, because of what they were saying, where they were and that the fact that there were ladies and children, White and Black, in their presence, which didn’t seem to register with them in the least.

The young hip (?) tuffs sort of laughed and scoffed at me as they left the store, never buying anything. Some of the ladies present thanked me for saying what I did, but I truly didn’t think I did anything that was special, because there’s a place for everything and being ill-mannered, impolite and disrespectful in today’s society has no redeemable value in “hue-man” interactions, especially in any public arena.

I think that mutual respect is a universal carpet that we all should walk upon with shared dignity, even if the carpet is laid down in a public store. No matter what ethnicity or gender a true “hue-man”may belong to or exist in, he or she deserves the simple honor of being respected.

Again, I firmly believe that from the bottom of my heart and soul. It’s not an American alone value or concept to me. It’s a God Alone created principle for everyone and, for some reason or the other, that doesn’t appear to be the case in many not-so-isolated instances today.

Thinking back to the aforementioned bad-mannered young men, and you may even want to call me an archaic visionary for this insight, but I don’t see general public respect en masse like it appeared to be back in the day in full display. It seems that since so many young and older “colored” folk have become so dependent on technological devices, they also seemed to have lost an interest in one-on-one “hue-man” interaction with loving, courteous and gracious respect.

Please don’t get me wrong, I believe that technological advances, for the most part, are very good in the total scheme advancements of modernity with no qualms offered. Life actually has been made better in so many wondrous ways until it’s unfathomnable to imagine how far “hue-man kind” has progressed. Think of not having a smartphone today and you’ll probably feel lost?

The vein from which I’m sharing my vibes now is only about the reverence for each other that I feel is a little short of where it once was was. The bald eagle’s me, myself and I landscape is losing a battle for channeling some of its youth in positive directions and you can hear the impertinence in their voices.

America, the world’s reigning global leader, is home to so many ever-increasing ethnic cultures until it’s not funny. We are truly a salad bowl of diversity, and we’re becoming more and more multi-dimensional in our appearances with each new statistical multi-cultural birth rate and many of us and them don’t know we and they “really” are.

I see the overall beauty in many current ethnically “colored” American souls, who I have the pleasure to meet and interact with. They are usually friendly, kind, respectful and courteous, just as I hope that I am and have been to them. If I haven’t been, forgive me.

My points of contentions are sometimes with only a “few” of our American youth, who seem to portray “gangsta” mentalities for one odd reason or another. It’s to that element, I guess, that I’m directing this article because many of these young egotistical folk seem to be operating on a fringe of being unaware that being disrespectful isn’t an illusionary badge of honor. Self-ignorance is bliss to a fool.

I don’t know, but maybe I’ve missed something, because the ever-abundant rise of extraneous profanity that I hear just shooting from some of these young folks’ mouths says a lot about the state of where we as Americans are developing within the character upsurges in the next generation of our ethnic Afro- family.

In writing this piece, please let me make it plain that when I say “some” young folk who are generally insensitively disrespectful, I do literally mean “some” folk. For the most part, the overwhelming majority of our country’s youth deserve to and should be applauded for being great young mannerable Americans, regardless of their ethnicity, because they know right from wrong, and they are making their parents, community and nation proud of who they are. I salute them all.

To those “few” ethnic folk, who are are out there with disrespectful attitudes, I say honestly that I know that you are young and even with all that goes along with being youthful today, profanity still isn’t cool because its over usage shows limited intelligence. The callous and over-the-top usage of arrogant vulgarity and abysmal bad language is not called for, no matter the location or time zone of its occurence. There is an etiquette value called respect that must be established among the common man and woman if we are to take care of business of any kind with excellence and expediency. No matter the skin color, political identity, religion or ethnicity, mutual respect for one another across all those red, white and blue decorum lines and beyond has to be standard fair of commonality for all of us in this country if we are to fulfill and envision the dream of Dr. Martin Luther King. Jr.

To my young brothers and sisters of America, who use indiscrimminant vulgarities at the drop a hat, I’d like to inform you that wanton and aimless “cussing” to your hearts’ contents, anywhere and at any time, doesn’t make you “grown” in the eyes of intelligent and astute folk. In fact, I’d like to (respectfully) say to you that it probably does the opposite.

In my view, you don’t have to use profanity to express yourself or to be recognized. I believe that most sensible young and old American folk of all ethnicities and religious persuasions would prefer to listen to the purity of intelligent minds and not the baseless gutter tones of uninformed disrespect coming from abstract minds.

Again, I say to these young folk, I’m old enough to honestly tell you that I think you you have a lot to say, but just tone down the random, every other word out of your mouth vile cuss word type of speech. Your messages would be probably be taken more seriously if you expressed yourself with more reverence and less devil may care, ill-spirited profanities. I believe in and support the education of young folk. They are the future of every prosepective positive land mass on the globe. Our country is no different. So, speak to a righteous acumen from within the soul.

The use of profanity doesn’t suit that goal when more can be understood from “An Intelligent Soul” expressing himself or herself with attentive words and using common sense actions of mutual respect, astuteness and dignity. For today and always, that’s, “As I See It.”

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