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Race Relations
Do you think that race relations in the United States will improve in 2015?
What is the College of Charleston Thinking?
3/12/2014 10:00:35 AM

Julius Holmes

By Julius Holmes

To start I am a young black male that is troubled by Glenn McConnell being a finalist for presidency at my dream college. I've always wanted to go to the College of Charleston since my freshman year in high school. Hearing how McConnell not only supports The Confederacy, but would force his ideas on us makes no sense. Everyone is entitled to their opinions, but Glenn McConnell being chosen as president would make me think twice about going to the College of Charleston. I'm not sure I would want to be a college student that has such a man in charge.

Racism is still alive today. The College of Charleston wants to make its population more diverse. It is a turn-off for blacks and other races of people to go to a school that clearly would have a president who is not culturally diverse. He may see it a different way, but his vision of cultural diversity is crooked. If you were truly culturally diverse then making Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day a state holiday would be fine with you and wouldn't try to tie it in with any other day. Especially a Confederate Memorial Day that goes completely against what Dr. King was about. Glenn McConnell is looked at as a man that would ruin the College of Charleston. He may help the college but is not the change at the top that they need.

Even though we know what this man is, a supporter of the Confederate States of America, the future is still unknown to us. The major impact, if he is selected, could affect the future of student-athletes. There is always competition with the neighboring college, Charleston Southern University; how many student athletes would switch over because of Glenn McConnell becoming president? There will still be students who would go to the College of Charleston regardless of who the president is. Those students have a right to go because it could be their dream college or the impressive liberal arts department they have. However, I would still consider this college as one of my choices even if McConnell was chosen, but would explore my options more than before. Some students, though, would have no other choice but to go to the College of Charleston. If that was the only college they applied to, it is probably too late to apply to others for the next academic school year. Some students may even transfer for this reason. You can never rule anything out.

The Broad of Trustees must have seen something in Glenn McConnell to have him as a finalist. Hopefully they took into account that they wanted to make the college more diverse. If so, McConnell must have shown that he is willing to embrace change on a cultural and educational level. That will be necessary for a president of College of Charleston that is trying to increase their black population. If indeed they choose McConnell as the next president, we hope to see much change because he will be under constant heat with the media and many others. Every move that he makes will be dissected under a microscope and picked apart piece by piece.

Nothing is wrong with a man celebrating his heritage, but why make others celebrate a heritage of a dark time in our nation? The belief that the Confederates stood for was that of hatred not just toward blacks, but toward the nation itself as well. No one should judge others, but rather think over what they have done and see if he is the right fit for the College of Charleston. Maybe at other colleges he would fit perfectly as the president. Just not for a school like this one.


Visitor Comments

Submitted By: ckc Submitted: 3/13/2014
Nice,way to be a racist ya know what,Im not wasting my time with an ignorant fool like you. try reading a book before spouting your crap. He is the best person for the job but I guess you think robert ford would be a better choice. Shut up fool.

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