Friday, June 20, 2014  
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Self-Assurance Is A Winning Tempo
2/26/2014 4:26:36 PM

By Hakim Abdul-Ali

I was talking to a male “colored” soul of “hue-manity” yesterday. The brother was a good guy, who when speaking to me, seemed to have a wonderful sense of magnetic inner poise about himself.

As I was attempting to gather my thoughts for today’s article, I thought about that young man’s character and the way he carried himself. He was a joy to be around. Let’s face it, some folks have that certain air of lively self-assurance about them that draws you to them and others don’t.

So, for today I’d like you to “vibe” with me while I rap a little while about some of my views on the essence of being poised. These are just my scrambled thoughts, and I hope that you get something useful and informative from it by reading this article.

Generally speaking, poise in my view is a huge distinguishing feature of a “hue-man’s” aura that a confidant being and thinker has already worked out in his or her outlook toward life’s happenings. To these folks, just like the young man I alluded to, life’s challenges are things they face triumphantly while possessing self-assurance.

Possessing self-assurance is an uncommon inborn “hue-manistic” skill that I’ve recognized over the years that most balanced “colored” souls have. You can tell these matchless folks in our midst because they seem to always keep their spirits and heads up when everybody loses theirs. Do you know what I mean? If you do, then you know that they have self-assurance galore, because they, more than likely, are cool, calm and collected “colored” folk when it comes to them handling their own trials and funky times? .

Poised souls are powerful and peaceful “hue-mans” in my view. They are rock solid souls and not faint-of-heart spiritless beings.

These singular souls are the kind of real “colored” folk, who, when blame all seems to come their way, they remain steadfast knowing the real deal about all things that are occurring around them. That’s the way the young man appeared to me as I listened to and observed him.

The young man, probably around thirty-years- old, mentioned that that he was unemployed and he was actively looking for work. He said he wasn’t about to give up. No way! That wasn’t his make up. “Can’t keep a striving Black man down,” is what he confidently said to me. That deportment of confidence that he exhibited left a permanent flow in my head. Many Americans of all ethnicities have that same quality as we life from moment-to-moment, forever dealing with the tribulations of life.

Life is a serious minefield of challenges that we all have to face in our daily sojourns to and in surviving another second in time and space. Our battles in life are many, and they are there to test us by the Most High Alone’s permission.

In the parlance of today’s spiritually wise and knowledgeable folk, it’s well known that cool and poised heads are the battle winners in life’s ultimate challenges. They know that “Self-Assurance is a Winning Tempo.” These same souls teach that anyone, who practices the dexterity of being prayerfully patient, will win. Having this insight makes one better prepared in handling life’s diurnal battles, because he or she understands the hidden supremacy of being self-assured.

The spiritually prayerful “hue-man” always thinks about and prays to God Alone. With such attitudes he or she can consider and weigh with impartiality the rare eminence that poise exhibits. It’s a luxurious feeling to be at peace with one’s self when the storms of life surrounds you. Possessing this poise to such a “hue-man” soul is like cash money in the bank and it’s on time.

Self-confidence put into your moral fiber will balance and proportion you. It will make you spiritually fit and prayerfully formidable.

It’s said that faith in God Alone is not something to neglect or to only display when you think it’s convenient to do so like so many abstract “colored” souls do in America and beyond. Being self-assured is a constant mental position for those warriors in life who know the difference.

The young man I spoke to knew the distinction, and I thank him for taking the time to allow me into his space to savor his confidence and strength. I believed that I gained as much from him as he hopefully gained from me. I told him to continue to be who he was as he struggle to survive to keep on the right tracks of life. He said he understood. Again, life is what it is. So, being poised is about constantly developing one’s self and focusing on life’s upbeat positives. Remember to keep up that tempo in your mind during hectic and difficult times. Also, don’t forget that God Alone is greater than everyone and everything. I always keep that in mind. That’s something I shared with the young man as he went along his merry way, and I now share with you.

Be at peace with yourself at all times and apply inner self-composure in your daily regiment of activities. Poise starts when you begin to eliminate fear and disorder. May God Alone be with you and that’s, “As I See It.”

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