Saturday, January 25, 2014  
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Immigration Reform Logjam on Capitol Hill Can End Early in New Year
12/23/2013 1:30:36 PM

By Tony Best, Special from the New York Carib News 

There may be some light at the end of the long stalled comprehensive immigration reform tunnel in Washington, a development that can bring relief to hundreds of thousands of Caribbean immigrants in the U.S.

And the Black Institute, the New York Immigration Coalition, members of the Congressional Black Caucus in New York City — Hakeem Jeffries and Yvette Clarke in Brooklyn, Gregory Meeks in Queens and Charlie Rangel in Manhattan – along with millions of foreign-born residents across the U.S. are keeping their proverbial fingers crossed that at last the immigration measure that has been bottled up by Republicans in the House of Representatives may spring to life in 2014.

The civil war that has broken out between America’s conservative lawmakers and their financial backers outside of the House of Representatives and the Senate is likely to have the salutary effect of breaking the logjam that has prevented the House leadership from bringing the immigration bill to the floor of the chamber for debate and ultimately a vote, say analysts and lawmakers.

There is now talk of a bipartisan deal to legalize the more than 11 million people living in the country as undocumented immigrants, residents who are out of status.

Although House Speaker John Boehner, the person mainly responsible for the immigration bottleneck has not spoken about his intention but has chastised extremist conservative forces in and out of Congress for their opposition to the recent budget deal agreed to by the Republicans and the Democrats, outside Republican groups have complained that his sharp attacks on the right was simply clearing the way for immigration reform to be placed high on the Congressional agenda in the New Year when Congress reconvenes after the Christmas recess. Indeed, Heritage Action, a fund-raising and lobbying group that has supported many Tea Party Representatives complained openly that Speaker Boehner’s verbal assault blast on certain right-wing backers of his party, accusing them of losing “all credibility” with the American people said in a statement that the House leader was clearing the political deck to place immigration reform on the docket for consideration.

Just as important, Boehner added a prominent immigration expert, Becky Tallent, to his staff, presumably to pave the way for a debate on the reform proposals. She had worked with U.S. Senator John McCain on his immigration reform plan that eventually failed to gain traction several years ago.

“It seems very unlikely that Becky would have gone to work for the Speaker on this unless there was a serious plan to move on this in the New Year,” said Ted Alden, a specialist on immigration at the Council on Foreign Relations.

Democratic Congressman Luis Gutierrez, a major Hispanic immigration voice on Capitol Hill has hinted that that his party would consider a deal in order to get the immigration bill moving.

“Some have suggested that the way you thread the needle for Republicans between the immigration reform the majority of the country wants, which include a pathway to citizenship, and the Republican number one priority, which is opposing what President (Barack) Obama is for, is to offer a compromise that includes something less than citizenship,” he said.

“I don’t think this is a good idea because citizenship is important, but I don’t think it is a deal breaker either,” he added.

What’s being talked about is a plan for legalization that would stop short of citizenship. That would satisfy several Republican lawmakers who are opposed to anything that appears to be amnesty for the undocumented.

“Democrats have to put policy ahead of politics,” insisted Gutierrez. “If we as a party go the route of what’s best for us politically in the short run, there is very little incentive to resolve the immigration issue.”

President Obama too seems to be in a mood for compromise, saying he could live with a vote in the House that calls for Republicans to vote separately on key elements of the reform measure while avoiding passage of a single bill, the one approved by the Senate.

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Submitted By: Dave Francis Submitted: 12/25/2013
WHY SHOULD FINANCIALLY HURTING TAXPAYERS, SUPPORT ILLEGAL ALIENS ALREADY SQUATTING HERE AND 30 MILLION MORE LESS EDUCATED, POORLY SKILLED FOR AND ON BEHALF OF BIG BUSINESS, AGRICULTURAL, UNIONS AND ADDED SPECIAL INTERESTS--SO THEY CAN FILL THEIR BANK ACCOUNTS AND LARGE CAMPAIGN CONTRIBUTIONS FOR POLITICAL PARTY PUPPETS? Words cannot contain my anger, moreover I spit on the Democrats who voted to cut Armed services pensions, instead of sealing the loophole that allows illegal alien parents to claim additional child tax reimbursements. That is a cost to the U.S. taxpayer of $4.2 billion dollars. We have seen our warriors return from wars, stripped of their arms and legs and mentally ill, and Congress fails to care for them which their obligation. These men and women should have the best treatment money can buy, in this wealthy country instead of pandering to foreign nationals. As an independent voter, I thought it was predictable that in the prior presidential election that change would come with Borack Obama, instead we have dictatorship and administration that has done everything to turn this country into a Socialist toilet. Sen. Sessions of Alabama, a crusader for American rights as compiled in the U.S. constitution, was unable to amend Sen. Harry Reid’s Senate leftist votes. This was a disgusting situation and the Democrats should pay dearly in the mid term elections. Then we have the so called Obamacare that is more of a winner for deadbeats (people who haven’t done a lick of work in their lives; those who have worked the welfare system, including illegal aliens with stolen Social Security numbers) instead of a workable compromise between both political parties. Hopefully, THE PEOPLE will recognize the indignities played upon them by the GOP elitists and the Lib-Democrats. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.), Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) and their cohorts better remember they are just as vulnerable to the rage of the voter if they have in mind passing another amnesty behind closed doors. We must never, ever fall into the same trap, as the 1986 Reform and Control Act. We are still suffering from that fraudulent amnesty, since the promised enforcement never took place? The gang of eight Senate bill would do even more damage, adding 30 million manual and poorly skilled laborers, when already over a million immigrants lawfully hold working entry visas annually. American taxpayers suffered undeniably, because they are still paying in extorted taxes from the millions who became legal. If that wasn’t enough they were able to claim immediate citizenship for their babies born in this country, and then we are further taxed for the children of illegal aliens parents who crossed our border or just came here by catching a plane as a quasi visitor; bringing with them an unsuspected pregnancy when arriving, and then taking advantage of a law that was ONLY for justifying citizenship for the slaves after the Civil War. It is demeaning to legal immigrants who patiently waited for working visa, sometimes for years. Every enforcement provision has been broken on behalf of the business industry, unions and special interests. Hundreds of billions of dollars are paid out in entitlements, brought upon us by both political parties. NO CITIZENSHIP FOR ILLEGAL ALIENS AND NO BENEFITS IF WE LISTEN THE LOUDER VOICES OF ENTITIES WHO WANT OUR COUNTRY SWARMING WITH CHEAP LABOR, WE WILL CERTAINLY PAY A HIGH PRICE. NEARLY EVERY ORGANIZATION—INDUSTRY, CORPORATIONS, UNIONS AND EVEN MOTHER CHURCH HAS AN ULTERIOR MOTIVE—MOSTLY MONEY BENEFITS. All restraints to illegal immigration penalties have been restricted, by the Obama Administration whose soul purpose is to gain potentially unknown numbers of votes. They cannot expect taxpayers to keep digging in their pockets for more taxes, to buy Food Stamps for the growing numbers of illegal alien children. The time has come to make illegal entry a felony, to revise the Birthright Citizenship law. It is time to insist that Congress supply every citizen with a mandatory biometric Social Security card, for Identification of the holder that cannot be reproduced. Similar to a permanent resident “Green card” the ID would serve to identify that person to an employer, a legal worker and stop the theft of jobs by foreigners. Elections would no longer be compromised by non citizens voting, and such a national ID card would be a excellent deterrent against personal credit theft. Only the Tea Party, a growing third party will apply the “Rule of Law” and not the misconception that children born of illegal foreign nationals can apply for these benefits.

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