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Thank You
11/27/2013 9:25:36 PM

By Hakim Abdul-Ali

As I think about the holiday observance called Thanksgiving Day during this time of the year, I’m “vibing” on the phrase “Thank You.” I’m thinking of that expression and what it should indicate to “hue-mans” on an everyday basis and not just for a specific day celebration on a solitary day in the fall.

Reflecting intently, as I’m pulling this article together in my head, I recognize that as I write this piece, prior to this year’s Thanksgiving Day arrival, I feel compelled to say “Thank You” to all in the “The Charleston Chronicle” readership nation for your support and words of encouragement during the many years that I’ve been fortunate to share my thoughts and views with you. It’s a contagious and mindful flow of gratitude that significantly makes me feel like this.

You are a singular group of supporters, who have supported Mr. “Jim” French’s vision to bring the hardcore truths of the African-American existence and other relevant local, state, national and worldwide news information to you. I have to simply say to Mr. French, his dedicated staff and “The Chronicle” nation—“Thank You” all.

Oftentimes, some “colored” folk seem to forget the importance of saying thanks in any format. I want to talk about that today because the expressing of thankfulness is one of the best habits any “hue-man” can develop in the elevation of his or her growth as a worthy being in creation.

If you will, ponder what I just said for a weighty moment in time. Then after doing it with a sense of intent to explore the powerful meaning behind what words and actions really, really mean to you and others when expressed with sincerity of purpose, check my next inquiry out.

Did you ever get a heartfelt “Thank You” call, card, note or letter from anyone in your worlds of existences at any time in your life? Do you remember how extraordinary it made you feel?

While you assess your answers to those rather inherent questions, if you don’t mind, I’ll offer a little insight, “I’m sure you probably felt good.”

That’s because giving thanks in any format or manner of expression is a balm for the “hue-man” soul. It, in all probability, makes, or made, you feel warm being thought of because it shows that someone appreciated you by your (or their) act(s) of giving, sharing and offering.

To give thanks, or to extend genuine gratitude, is a grand practice because it shows respect for what others do for you, even in the smallest vestiges of actions. It shows, or reflects, that the receiver knows that he or she is blessed to have others who care enough about them to do something for them when they didn’t have to. That’s the way that I feel as I look back at my life in assessing all those wonderful family members, friends, acquaintances and casual folk, who I barely knew, who did things for me. Believe me when I say that I could never articulate “Thank You” enough to all of those selected “colored” folk from my past and present worlds of existences.

“Thank You” all! I could never express my sincere gratitude to them because they stood by me when the world at times may have seemed against me. If you’re real and you’ve lived through some of the trials of life from God Alone, you know what I’m talking about.
Being blunt about this topic, it’s necessary to express to you in sheer words my feelings of thankfulness to God Alone for placing good people in our lives. It’s a infectious process to learn the value of saying “Thank You” with meaning and to deliver it from the depths of our hearts and souls.

Once, that habit is acquired and practiced thoroughly, we’ll, hopefully, internalize it with a special kind of inner reverence. And the more we practice it, the better we understand the gift of sharing and caring with others in hue-manity. I believe that all ethnic “colored” folk of the world have a built in meter of love and respect for anyone who sincerely assists them out of the goodness of their hearts and souls. Sadly, there are some confused “colored” souls in “hue-manity,” from all ethnic segments, who don’t get it.

On the other hand, there are an unimaginable number of giving, loving and sharing souls who are the opposite and would do anything within sane reasoning to help another in need of assistance at anytime. These splendid and quality “hue-mans” know the value of expressing “Thank You,” because they understand the nature of what you give out will be returned to you in the end.

I’m a brother of color and, again, it’s important for me to tell you that there have been so many “hue-mans” who’ve helped me in ways that I could probably never repay them, except by saying “Thank You.” God Alone allowed those folk to do what they did for me and they’ve made me want to help others as much as I can and could because giving, caring and sharing becomes transmittable.

Do you understand where I’m coming from? I hope that you do, because you have an opportunity to change your life by helping some other folk right in your worlds of existences.

Be a “Thank You” soul. That’s a rare quality to covet. So, use and practice it to the best of your abilities, if you have it. When you help others, it’s a way of repaying those who’ve helped you in some ways from your past—and it’s the best way of saying “Thank You” in the here and now.

Saying “Thank You” is a powerful stimulant in becoming “hue-man” to another brother and sister of “hue-manity.” It’s a transformation of one’s character for the better. It doesn’t cost you anything to say and practice the quality of being gracious to others who’ve been there for you during the thicks and the thins of your life. Remember that what goes around, come around. Be gracious to all the “colored” folk you know and meet in your worlds of existences, no matter if they are family, friend or foe.

Everyone deserves to be thanked and appreciated, because there are lessons to learn from everyone and from every facet of the living experience. That’s an important message to always keep in mind when trying to decipher the essence of saying and expressing “Thank You” to one and all who you meet along life’s road to the Hereafter.

Being one who understands this makes you know that expressing “Thank You” is an investment in respectful appreciation towards the caring, sharing and giving “colored” folk in your life. Practicing same is a marvelous investment in cementing brotherhood and sisterhood for all.

Never stop saying “Thank You” to those folk wherever they may be, but never, never, ever forget to give thanks and praises to God Alone for being here to recognized how blessed that you been to receive what He (Alone) has allowed you to receive and experience.

“Happy Thanksgiving Day.” It is a greeting that should given every day of our lives. Give thanks always. Again, respectfully, I proclaim “Thank You” to all those who’ve been there for me. May God Alone reward you all, and for today, that’s, “As I See It.”

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