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Diamonds in the Struggle
11/20/2013 12:42:12 PM

By Hakim Abdul-Ali

It’s said that a diamond is a rare gemstone to possess. I guess if you ask any universal ethnic sister of color, she’ll more than likely agree.

For some reason I’m thinking of diamonds in more definitive type of symbolic representation. I’m thinking of it as pictogram of facing the challenges of life.

The way that I see things the greatest struggles or battles are within one’s own soul. That shouldn’t be hard to figure out for the majority of “hue-mans” because everyone goes through a little “somethin’, somethin’” in his or her life from time-to-time.

I’m sure you’ll agree to that and you’ll also agree that the greatest struggles or internal conflicts that are being fought anywhere are those you fight daily inside your own soul.

I know I do and the list can range from anger, lies, jealousies, habits, misjudgments, hatreds, ill health, etc. which I’m sure applies to you and all “hue-man” inhabitants of the globe in some minute forms.

Dealing with life’s endless battles and nonstop struggles is a continual war, if you know what I mean. I submit that to you because it’s as real as real can get for me in my world of existences.

Life is like that for the spiritually conscious among us. Never forget that. Life is what it is, and that includes having to deal with the struggles and upheavals of life.

I believe that these upheavals and struggles are there for us for some divine reasons. They, in many profound ways, are there to help us find out how far our spiritual innards can be put to the test in order for us to successfully learn that real faith in handling God Alone’s tests makes us better.

All prior and present heroes and sheroes to be in life are and will be tested to their infinite best make no mistake about that in this scenario called living. Losers come and go, but winners last through the struggles, battles and tests of life, because they don’t lose heart at the mere sight of a difficulty in their midst. Did you hear that?

These winners are like diamonds in the making. They are everywhere in every community, town, village, city, state and country in the global universe.

Even in my and your local own environs many of these souls pass us daily and, sometimes, we don’t even know it.

They possess spiritual character and faithful strength that comes from being able to handle the strife of life. And just like the diamond I alluded to earlier, a winner in handling life’s pressing tests becomes more valuable only after the most painstaking toil and effort. Did you hear that?

Can I get an Amen to that testimony? Listen, we all go through and come out of the rough trials, moments and times of life. When going through the hurdles of life, we all demand cutting of bitterness and polishing of patience and shaping of our blessings before we are able to appear and come out as beautiful and inspiring like the aforementioned diamonds that I’m trying to bring to your mind’s attention.

I believe that all created “hue-mans,” in some way or the other, are all diamonds in the rough. But battling the struggles of life should hold nothing of gloom and sourness for us. If we were to understand that fully, we all would be able to come out of life’s rough, potentially becoming rare “hue-man” diamonds in the struggle.

Life is about struggle and we, who are winners in spiritual belief and eternal optimism, must never give into a defeatist mentality. For in every so-called defeat, I believe that there is always (still) something won because there’s always victory in defeat. I truly believe that.

So, welcome to the present battle(s) or future trials in your life. It’s on. This is your moment to start refining that diamond in you. Be prepared and ready for the current and next “somethin’, somethin’” that’s sure to pop up from out of nowhere to test you. Did you hear that.

I suggest to you as I constantly tell myself to plan each battle or skirmish in life with care, patience and with courage. I do this by being unmindful of outside negative and contrary “voices” in my world of existences, and you should also.

I have to work hard on destroying any unconstructive forces that face me, and I’ll fight them to the finish. You must too, so, again, get ready for another skirmish. It never stops.

The unenthusiastic “hue-mans” in our lives don’t mean us any good, but they serve a purpose. We must charge the dissenters in our ranks and worlds of existences, always keeping our faces toward the enemy, under whatever name it appears and attempts to fight us.

In my common verbosity, I always tell myself that “in the long run of things, if I’m patience, I’ll overcome all of my haters and doubters in my world of existences,” especially those who smile to my face, but not-so-secretly stab me in the back with their sneaky words and downbeat actions.

That’s some heady stuff. Always strive to enter life’s battles and struggles knowing that you’ll have to scuffle with any adversary in order to be able to win the diamonds that comes from battling the struggles of life. Do you get where I’m coming from today? Do you hear me clearly?

I hope so, because facing life’s battles, whatever they may be, is not for the faint of heart. A real diamond in the rough must be spiritually resilient and patiently optimistic in order to ascend to the top of the winning scale of achievers.

I believe that you can do this by firmly and, again, patiently loading and reloading the mental and spiritual arsenal of weapons at your command which make you a serious diamond achiever and a seasoned spiritual believer in God Alone.

Never lose faith in God Alone and, little by little, the spiritually intricate rules and principles of overcoming all obstacles become more modified and understandable.

Maintain the faith in the Creator Alone’s power to help us overcome any and all difficulties, and you’ll begin to feel yourself an achiever, a victor and a conqueror in overcoming all your struggles in life—present and future.

Comprehending this with persistence makes us all diamonds in the rough. Do you believe that just as I do? If you do, then you know why I wrote “Diamonds in the Struggles.”

Be strong and keep the faith in the Most High Alone during trying times. Peace and love. For today and always, that’s, “As I See It.”

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