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Being of Service
11/13/2013 2:16:46 PM

By Hakim Abdul-Ali

Now is the time for us to take another stone-cold moment in time to discuss something that I feel should be important to every “colored” soul in this nation and the rest of the world.

It’s about a seldom understood word and it’s called service. Please read on with care, concern and indebted commitment.

I’ve thought about it with passion and I would like you to peruse my intimate opinions and feelings about this word. It could change your life for the better.

We, as African-Americans and as a collective and somewhat, obviously, struggling segment of “hue-manity,” must relate to the nature of service with openness if we are to overcome some of the hurdles and obstacles which hold us back as a respected group of created “colored” souls.

When I think of the power of “Being of Service,” I’m reflective of all of the great heroes and sheroes of “our-story,” who’ve accomplished so much because they knew the real value of what “Being of Service” was all about. In many ways, that kind of understanding is lost on many Black and other ethnic “colored” souls in my very candid opinion.

Thinking of being responsible to one’s family, ethnicity, job or whatever, is something necessary and responsible for every soul to think about. “Being of Service” is an honorific task for the humble and wise among “hue-mans,” no matter what the color of their skin is or nationality may be.

To serve is being conscious of wanting to help others because to serve (others) is to find something to do—and then simply to do it. Some “colored” folk in this potentially great nation of ours understands that with no particular prejudices involved.

Helping the less fortunate or doing your selected job in your chosen life’s employment circles with accountable dignity and trustworthy honesty is what being blessed is all about. Do you understand what I mean by that?

I’d want to believe that you do. In my head, as I type this article, I’d like to also add that it doesn’t matter what kind of honest employment that you have. Just perform it to the best of you ability, so long as it serves a useful end. That’s “Being of Service.”

Again, do you feel where my flow is heading as I continue to rap about “Being of Service?” In other words, simply put, give accreditation to your job and culture by “Being of Service” to yourself, your family, community and nation.

My late mother, who always seemed to have a handle on serving others, said, “The noblest or most-well known ‘hue-man’ who ever lived, was in no way, after all, greater than being a true helper to another ‘colored’ soul or being a legitimate servant—in some way or the other.”

Mom was so wise, and she was a caring soul, always extolling the virtues of never disliking someone because of the color of their skin.

She forever said that in her religious view, the world is a world that should be made up of diverse servants, worldwide “colored” people who help one another when another “colored” soul of creation is down or in need.

“You are a servant,” she’d say to me in her easy and quiet voice. “The one you serve is a servant. Never forget that, even if God claims my life.”

Those thoughts uttered to me by my mother have never left me, even though I’ve often been negligent in fulfilling some of the attributes of “Being of Service” in some of my past actions, relationships and demeanor. Can you say the same about yourself without lying to yourself?

During early ‘70s, I was taught by one of my religious teachers that being proportionately “hue-man” is as great as the so-called greatest human if he or she serves everyone in “hue-manity” with decency and respect to his or her fullest capacity.

My instructor said that to do this, before God Alone, is to grow. “Growth,” he said, “only comes to the people of spiritual capacity.”

That’s some powerful advice that still rings in my head to this very day. I believe that because “As I See It,” any “hue-man” being, who does his or her best today, will be spiritually better prepared to do his or her utmost tomorrow.

That brings me to a pretty clear point now in this article and that is that “Being of Service” is to be of service without boundaries. The sky is the limit as the old sages would casually tell the earnest seekers of universal knowledge in being kind to others.

I’m sure that the erudite from every illuminated and unbiased culture throughout the annals of “his-story” and “our-story” told everyone in their midst to “be of service” and to perform whatever tasks they were charged with to do so with righteous honor and dignified self-worth.

Somehow, I think that’s may be a good credo for all Afro-Americans and others to adhere to, because we (all) have to start making unity and self-respect more than token and infrequent diatribe between only a few concerned “colored” folk in various Black households and other communities of America.

Yes, I know that we need jobs for and more education among many of “our” folk. That seems to be a universal decree and vocation among some lukewarm and concerned conscious-minded “colored” folk in the USA, but we have to also remember that no occupation is so dignified as “Being of Service” of some kind.

That’s what I’m alluding to today, because nothing brings greater rewards in happiness and power than ”Being of Service,” just like my dear mother and my most respected teacher(s) of yesteryear said and taught. Don’t ever forget that he or she climbs highest who helps another up.

We, who are living in every sector of diversified “hue-manity,” must remember that the noblest fact in all this world is that the more we do for someone else, the more we boost the quality of our universal worth by “Being of Service” to everyone who we can assist or help where possible.

“Be of Service” to your family, friends and neighbors! It will make you and your character stronger and everyone prosper when that occurs.

Practice it wherever you go in your worlds of existences. Be a real servant in the pathways of bringing peace, understanding and love to all, including at and in your home, place of employment and community.

Be thankful about “Being of Service” to others and, by doing so, you become one of the factors in making your family, community, state, nation and the world a better place to live. For today and always, that’s, “As I See It.”

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