Saturday, February 22, 2014  
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Affordable Care Act
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Bits & Pieces
11/6/2013 1:02:42 PM

By Beverly Gadson-Birch

New Definition of Stupidity: Some things are just way beyond comprehension. When I first heard about a Georgia man setting his wife on fire while refueling at a gas station and supposedly playing with a cigarette lighter my mind immediately thought this had to be accidental and not intentional.

Then I started to think who in their right mind would just stand there while their husband plays with a lighter. Perhaps the wife was just standing near her husband and not paying attention. She could not have seen him pull the lighter out before he started flickering.

Well, according to a video released by the Daily News and WPTV in West Palm, Florida, it sure looks like she was watching hubby at the time. I know it just takes a split second but is there anyone on this planet who doesn’t know that fire and gas are a deadly combination? I am just going to chalk this one up to an inattentive wife or she is married to a fool of a high and aggravated nature.

ObamaCare or Obama Snare: I don’t know about y’all but I never thought I would get so tired hearing about the Obama Care (Affordable Health Care). Now, this is just between you and me. The Tea Party Republicans were not successful in continuing their push to shut down the government and drive America over the cliff so do you think someone tampered with the system? It just seems that right after the unsuccessful attempt, there has been one glitch after another. It’s the talk of the universe. It’s like if we don’t get you Mr. President one way, we will get you another.

Now, no one is saying errors were not anticipated. The Affordable Health Care Act is not a state initiative; it is a national initiative and the first of its kind. So, can we expect some mistakes to be made? Of course!! I have not seen this much blatant disrespect directed towards any other President during my time on this dirt. And I have been on this dirt for quite a while.

Where were all of those prime time spotlight seekers when former President Bush led this country into war under the pretense of “weapons of mass destruction”?

That’s when y’all well intentioned tea sipping Americans should have spilled your guts. What happened then, did cat have your tongue? Why didn’t you speak out against what you knew to be a farce?

President Obama‘s objective was designed to help American citizens obtain affordable health care. Presidential wannabees have talked about it but nothing ever materialized. Now, that the President took it on and made it a viable option, all hell has broken loose in Washington.

So, who cares about the poor in this country? And by the way, everyone who can’t afford insurance is not poor. Insurance is just not affordable for most people.

Those haughty lawmakers in Washington have no idea what it is like to not have insurance. Being able to seek medical care in the time of need is the furthest thing from their minds because taxpayers foot the bill for their insurance.

Are there any statistics out there on the number of people who die every year in America because they don’t have insurance? Do lawmakers know how many people suffer in silence because they don’t have insurance and are embarrassed that they can’t afford insurance so they do not seek treatment and die?

So, y’all Tea Party Republicans EXHALE. Get a life! Give the system time to work. There are worst things than health care for those who can’t afford it. Perhaps if you rolled up your sleeve and help instead of complaining, you just might take pride in knowing you are responsible for saving lives.

Human or Dog Life?- Y’all may remember recently in the news a lady was complaining that a dog was hit by an EMS vehicle that did not stop while transporting a patient. Now, I don’t want to enrage all of you animal lovers out there because I love animals as well but when it comes to human life there is no question that comes before animal life. If you have any gripes about that, think of the person in the EMS as you and your life depended on your getting immediate care. Would you want the EMS Technician to stop and check on an animal or get you to the ER?

Sure the technician should call and report the accident if the situation does not compromise the patient; however, priority should always be given to the patient. That must have been a country dog. Didn’t he see the EMS vehicle?

City dogs know how to duck and dodge oncoming traffic. City dogs even wait for the traffic light to change before crossing. Y’all watch out for ‘dem dogs.

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