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The Beauty of a New Day
10/16/2013 4:41:51 PM

By Hakim Abdul-Ali

This very moment is a special occasion for everyone in “hue-manity” whether they recognize it or not. I join in with the other stanch believers in the unquestioned joy of being thankful to be alive in the here and now. Amen!

It’s a privilege to say that because I believe that some of my other “brothas” and “sistas” in ethnic America don’t feel that way. For whatever reason(s) they may feel that way, it’s still no excuse not to feel blessed for this gift of existence we that’s been fragilely extended to us.

As I think about the profoundness of each moment that’s been given to us by the Creator Alone, I can’t help but consciously and spiritually identify with God Alone’s mercy towards me and all of His creation. We have much to be grateful for, no matter what our personal, economic and mental spheres of existences may be.

I can reasonably assume that there are many “colored” folk who are in better financial states of beings than some of their fellow “brothas” and “sistas.” In these hard, depressing and chaotic times, some of us forget that we should be aware that a large segment of the greater so-called American People are catching h--- and are suffering beyond normal means of command.

From unemployment to dissatisfactions with the ones that they barely have, some of “The American People” are lost in diurnal psycho-turnstiles called coping and surviving by any means necessary.

Add to that scenario the countless scores of miserable “colored” folk in despondent and toxic relationships to untold numbers of lonely and frustrated souls and you have a potential mess on your hands and minds.

Between all of those scenarios and others, we have even more that I haven’t even begun to touch on by way of written identification. “The American People,” from coast-to-coast, are a proverbial salad bowl of different racial personalities, emotions, dilemmas and realities.

With all these complexities, I still hold dear to the fact that by God Alone’s miraculous powers, with each second, He (Alone) has given us another vestige in time to endure all of the experiences of the living phases of life. Many of these experiences, as stated, above come in many situational shapes, sizes and forms. Life is a trial.

But it’s still a beautiful day to be alive and to wish for my fellow “brotha” and “sista” of ethnic America what I wish for myself. That also is extended to all of the other “colored” ethnic folk from throughout the universe.

Inclusive in that ethnic mix are the Browns, the Whites, the Blacks, the Reds and the Yellows of God Alone’s “hue-manistic” creations. It’s still a wonderful and beautiful day to give praises alone to the Most High Alone for whatever we have to deal with in life, and I’m talking to the wealthy rich and the financial stressed among us.

I know that life doesn’t always seem to hand out golden spoons to everyone if you compare the apples and oranges of the haves and the have-nots among us. Life is what it is, but it’s still a marvelous and beautiful day to be alive and to smell the roses if that phrase makes any sense.

Some segments of “The American People,” who I come in contact with are not doing too well emotionally and financially speaking, but I try to remind them that faith in God Alone will see them through with whatever they are dealing with and that “This is Still a Beautiful Day.” We must never forget that, because the devil attempts to play tricks on our minds with doom and gloom scenarios of fatalistic self-destructions galore.

To that end, if you’re feeling that way, or know of anyone in your worlds of existences who is, please tell them, “Don’t give it a thought, because this too shall pass.” Again, we must never lose faith in the power, strength and might of what God Alone does and can do at all times and in any and all circumstances to help us.

I’m reminding you of that just as a young man, who I knew, reminded me of same last week after seeing me for first time in a long time. He reminded me to keep my head up, and even though I was already there, it didn’t hurt to hear someone remind me that faith moves mountains.

“The American People” compose a cultural grouping with many diverse ethnic and religious backgrounds. Within this body of beings, their religious traditions speak to the virtues of maintaining absolute faith, patience and trust in the Creator Alone of all creations, no matter how they choose to identify with their Creator.

Whenever they do that during whatever time of any given 24-hour period, it’s unquestionably a beautiful day. That’s where I’m at, and I would, respectfully, think that you do also as you savor those vibes of appreciation to God Alone for allowing us to be in this moment to be tested by having fortune and debts, whatever they may be.

“The Beauty of a New Day” is exactly that—it’s an exquisite time to give thanks for just being alive to handle your business like you’ve handled former dilemmas, riches, regrets, gains, heartaches, and losses, etc., in your past worlds of existences.

That’s what I’m doing with my collective experiences, and I hope that you’re doing the same with yours as you internalize the majesty of being allowed, by God Alone’s permission, to be here in this precious moment reading what you’re reading. Life is a test.

Never forget that “Being in a New Day” is just that. You’re in it, so what are you going to do about it. I suggest that you give it your all, smile and put all the gusto that you have and can muster into making this one moment during this day the best one that you’ve ever had.

Don’t live on yesterday’s laurels and regrets. They are (in) the past. This is the present, so get busy and make this day one beautiful testament to who you are spiritually and mentally remembering all along that you are what you think of yourself. Be patient.

“Life is what it is.” Don’t think in terms of defeatism and hopelessness about anything. Positivity overcomes negativity on any given day, and this day is “your” day to be patient and to succeed. Make it one for the record books.

This is a magnificence day for you to rise above anything or anyone that is or who is trying to hold you back or down. Make this day a beauty unto itself in your solitary mind, soul and heart. Remember that “thoughts are synonymous to actions.” Keep the faith always on this gorgeousness day and beyond, and for today and that’s, “As I See It.”

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