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Making Sense Out of Mayhem
9/25/2013 2:54:19 PM

By Hakim Abdul-Ali


The world-at-large has witnessed many horrible and unimaginable tragedies in recent weeks, months and years that have left many “colored” folk in “hue-manity” speechless and heartbroken.

You may be one of those “colored” folk, and if you are, then my article today may be right up your alley to ponder what role we can play to make this world a better place to reside. I say that because there’s definitely trouble in the world, including in our local communities and nation.

As the untold tragedies of bedlam have escalated, elucidating words are hard to find to describe the macabre nature of man’s hostility towards his fellow brother and sister of creation. It leaves an analytical thinker of peace and harmony wheezing at times.

Count me in that mix as I, too, as I contemplate the local, national and global happenings which have challenged my understanding of why and what makes such tragedies occur. In my head, I wonder if some folk really know how priceless life really is.

Trying to “Make Sense Out of Mayhem” is a tedious process of spiritual thinking. It can be more than some of us may choose to deal with in our daily chores and activities because we feel that as long as it doesn’t affect us, we could care less.

You know that there are some apathetic souls in our neighborhoods, or worlds of existences, who are like that, but it still doesn’t excuse you, me and them from being aware about what’s going on around us.

Some of us tend to be oblivious to the mayhems of life never knowing that everything happens for a reason, even it’s not in their neighborhoods.

Life’s global mayhems are signs to the mentally aware among us, because what’s happening in the world really includes all of us whether we know it or not. Tragedies that abound elsewhere are indicators of more than we know about or understand before our present mind-sets.

I have be glued to the television and other news venues to find out about the distressing tragedies that have occurred in recent times from a naval base in Washington, DC, to a shopping mall in Nairobi, Kenya, to a playground of Chicago, Illinois. It seems as though that those unexplained miseries are merely rampant cryptograms occurring throughout the globe with no end in sight.

The ominous and atrocious signs have been unexpected as the mass shootings and senseless killings continue to lay siege over the bewildered and shocked worldwide populace, never knowing who’s going to be next. Life is becoming more and more prized with every turn of the television channel.

Trying to figure out what makes certain “hue-mans” do what they do is becoming harder than mere lip service. No one has mastered that psychological science with foreseen exactness and complete anticipation.

We can only guess, as do the so-called experts, at what really happened in a perpetrator of violence’s mind-set. It can range from personal hatred of someone to alleged religious disrespect, for example, but trying to figure out what makes certain people tick and do what they do is not lightweight scientific vocation.

You may have think that you have an immediate answer in solving the ills of the world, but all I know is that nothing seems to really shock most “colored” folk, who I listen to today.

It seems as though the world’s happenings are such a common reality to them until most observant folk just assume that “it is what it is.”

They feel this way because guns, hopelessness, violence, poverty, weapons of mass destruction and mental despair dominates most things that people see in their non-entertainment realities or in others’ blatant neo-political opinions and views.

“Tell-lie-vision,” flight of the imagination movies, “poly-tricks,” etc., play an important part in shaping what most third world people in the globe “see” and “know” about themselves and others.

Call it modern imagery or modern continual mis-educational deception, or whatever you want to refer to it as, but the global “colored” world mind-set is altered and affected on many occasions by the technologies of manufactured misinformation and programmed fantasies.

Add to that certainty, the many troubled Euro, Afro and Asiatic-centered folk who are following interpreted this or that personal, nationalistic and religious philosophies with no bearing on truthful realities, and you have a world (potentially) in chaos ready to implode.

Like I said, trying to figure out the pandemonium of the world is a rather pressing issue for the scholarly among “hue-manity.”

As I’ve listen to some local and national news commentators and experts, they seem to be not surprised at what’s going on. They seem to ask, “Why are some folks shocked at what’s going on throughout the world?” Hmm!

What’s your view on the mayhem that’s been going on in the world? Please share your views with yourself in the closet of a private thoughtful moment, because we need any intelligent answers to help make the world a better place to reside.

While you’re thinking about that I’m praying for the victims’ love ones and families.

That’s where the pain and grief lies forever because wanton and senseless mayhem leaves a lingering sadness on every affected soul, community and country, including our potential great nation.

Peace and forgiveness has to be the only cures for the sicknesses that abound in the hearts of troubled and depressed souls of the world, no matter what their nationalities, ethnicities or religion.

We all are potential victims of violence if we don’t realize that hatred is a breeding virus that only destroys one’s soul, community and nation from within.

The seeds of bigotry and oppression, in whatever forms they exist, have to be thwarted by love, tolerance and respect for all of “hue-manity.” We have to realize that each second is precious, and the next one is not a certainty. Do you (really) understand that?

I hope that you do and, if you’re a constant reader of “The Chronicle” and my column, you know that I hit on that point all the time. It’s a key in being able to address how to “Make Sense Out of (and to Eliminate) Mayhem.” Establish peace and not hate. Give those words and this article some more thought and, for today, and always, that’s “As I See It.”

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