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Looking Into You
8/28/2013 3:06:59 PM

By Hakim Abdul-Ali 

You are what and who you think you are. I’m sure that you’ve heard that expression a zillion times in your life.

That motto is on my mind as I think about today’s troubled and complex racial climates which many ethnic “colored” folk, who are lost unto themselves, face with despair and lingering doubt. I see and hear their uptightness many times because many of these folk speak to me from time- to-time about a lot of issues dealing with racial injustices.

I’d like to think that do so because I listen to them, but because they know I sincerely care about them. I try to do my best in always being there to listen to any “hue-man” being in trying times, because I’ve been there before.

One of the things that I’ve noticed in recent times is that a lot of the conversations I’ve been involved in with “some” of these folks are ones that dealt with these individuals’ self-image or self-perception. It seems to be an escalating concern locally and also on a much broader national scale.

I’m not a psychologist, rather I’m only a thinking columnist and a spiritual brother of color, who’s been through a thing or two in my sixty-plus years of living, and I’ve gained insight into a few timeless scenarios about life that I’d like to share with you about the search for self in today’s exigent times. So, read very carefully what I’m going to say.

To look inward is but a mere whimsical thought to the restless and mentally downtrodden among today’s general populace. To them daily living is a nagging trial, and life is nothing but an unfruitful episode of continual processing in whatever, seemingly, unproductive form(s) it may take for them.

In many ways life seems to be recycling these weathered masses in pressurized strains of meaningless mundane realities. As such, it may appear that many other ethnic folk in the outside world, who these weathered masses may view from a distance or they may casually come in contact with in their daily B movie type lifestyles, don’t seem to give a “hoot’ about them.

It can lead to shaky inward feeling of self, and that’s when the search for one’s ethnic identity becomes very real because cultural loneliness sets in without official invite. The inner prideful self is now being put to the test because some “colored” folk deceive themselves into not “looking’ into who they really are.

The inner prideful self is in many instances that part of our existence that is usually hidden from the view of the outside world. Sometimes the inner and outer selves play games of deceit and intrigue with each other.

It’s almost equivalent to the childish type game of hide and seek that children play with each other. These norms of ethnic self-denials are subtle and often affect us from birth without any of us really understanding the impact of how unhealthy societal and cultural mores of negativities are subliminally placed before us.

If you’re of color that’s something that I (probably) don’t have to inform you of. You already know that you can’t sweep the systematic effect of past institutional racism under the mental rug of an oppressed group of people’s thinking and somehow expect them not to be affected by same in the present and future.

As we continue our sojourn into the twilight zones of frozen colonial indoctrinations, coupled with sustaining and insensitive climates of mis-education and self-denials, multitudes of the world’s permanent underclass and forgotten souls languish in abject oblivion. Even in this country, in case you haven’t noticed lately, we, as Americans, need to look at our own abysmal local, state and national records of injustices toward the poor and people of color in varied arenas of concerns.

I sense that some ethnic folk forget that they are blessed to have many “goodies” and untold riches in their lives, while others in “hue-manity” are challenged by not having mentionable perks whatsoever. In my head it’s a day-to-day reality show that never seems to have a commercial break if you know what I mean.

No institution of concealed and systematic bigotry should mask the dignity of any “hue-man” being’s ethnic self being able to long for freedom, justice and equality. After all, isn’t it the unalienable right to be free while not being ethnically ashamed of who any American is in manners of inner expression and spiritual uplift?

To uplift a one’s spiritual mind, which is shackled by inner self-doubt about who he or she really are, is about purging one’s self of maladjusted defects of scholastic ignorance and ethnic self-hatred immediately.

The common enemy of the self is absence from knowing our true purpose in this life, and that brings me back, again, to a spiritual base of reality in dealing with this subject.

Never forget that everyone is created by God Alone for a unique reason, and that mustn’t be colored by stupidities and ignorance of who your Creator Alone is or isn’t.

All forms of blatant so-called intellectual mis-educational discolorations that tell you are not beautiful by God Alone’s masterful creation needs to abolished permanently from your mind, if it already hasn’t.

I feel that some “colored” folk honeymoon with so many misconceptions about life until living is likened to being in another twilight zone of non-existence. That’s why living in the real world of not being who you really are is a position where misery festers and grows like weeds in a desert, because the hatred of one’s self and ethnic culture is a very lonely arena to reside in.

Cultural denial is the classic pinnacle of self-hatred deferred. Sometimes, timid souls are afraid to hear the truth and misery has always loved the ever-present company of the lonely and dejected.

Loving one’s self and respecting one’s ethnic culture shouldn’t be a mental hardship like you see it in the mind-sets of some ethnic folk. Never be ashamed of who you are and the way you look.

The mind is a fabulous creative tool, and you and I are what we think. Use it for the betterment of yourself and society-at-large. Every created ethnic man or woman on earth has the potential to be someone great and that includes you. For today and always, that’s, “As I See It.” 

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