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College Football Bowl Game in Charleston
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Learn Greedy
8/14/2013 1:02:44 PM

By Hakim Abdul-Ali 

Good afternoon. I hope all’s going well in your worlds of existences. I’m in another one of those challenging writing moods where I’m put to the task to submit another weekly “As I See It” column for publication.

It’s a task that I seriously, because like most aware-mined “colored” folk of “hue-manity,” the challenges of life are inevitabilities very few of us can escape. Life is a continual university of testing and learning. 

Some ethnic folk know that all too well, and others who are living in the twilight zones of languid pretense, never gain any legitimate knowledge of who they are and are victimized the systematic mind control game that’s been run on them. I trust that you’re not one of those folk, no matter what your level of imposing education may be.

That brings me to where I’m today with this column, and it’s entitled “Learn Greedy.” I know it may sound a little strange, but it’s about looking at the learning aspect in many of our thought patterns and where we place our education desires to improve ourselves.
I thought about writing this topic after reading something in a recent New York Post sports column about a young rookie New York Giants aspirant football player, who was describing his thirst for playing football, which will, hopefully, aid him in making the current squad. 

He spoke of a football slogan that he had heard when he played high school football in Dallas, Texas, and it was called, “Eat Greedy.” He went on to describe to the reporter, who was interviewing him that “Eat Greedy” meant that, in order for him to be a successful football player, he had to never be full, or satisfied where he was at in his football development. 

The young football aspirant went on to say that “Eat Greedy” also meant, as he was taught in learning to play the game in Dallas, that he had to always be “hungry” in order to attain greatness in his pursuit of football excellence. He also said that it’s like the old saying, “A hungry dog hunts best.” 

Reading that short piece made me think about the condition of some mentally lazy “colored” folk, who aren’t “hungry” about learning and who seem to be stuck in a world of being satisfied where there at. Many of these folk, some who have no knowledge of self, could care less about improving on their present ill-informed mind-sets. 

It’s a shame, but my thoughts took me to the fact that ,if we want to really be educated, we have to be greedy about learning correct information about all individuals and things who and that control our living processes in an oftentimes globally directed world of misdirected political intrigue. We have to be ravenous in our quests to overcome systematic mind control games that are played on our supposed unsuspected mental radars of intelligence every second of our lives. 

Yes, we have to be ravenous to “Learn Greedy,” if you will, to be able to keep the focus on our folk being unified as our communities, families and relationships are falling down right before our very eyes. This requires a serious appetite for correct knowledge of self, just as the young football aspirant keeps himself focused on improving his craft every day. 

A true player, or student, in the game of life knows what the score is for people of color. It’s no invisible secret, in many instances, that a knowledgeable minority player in life’s game has to be twice as good and twice as smart to be able to get ahead in today’s society.

It’s the way the invisible game of reality works, even with its ever-present unwritten rules of “that’s the way it is” lurking everywhere in society. So, we have to understand what “Learn Greedy” is all about in every driven concept of our being while living in what some folk call Babylon west. 

When you’re trying to make the team or grade in life, you have to know that it’s you against the world, and you had better bring your “A” game to the ballpark or classroom every time you enter into those arenas of competition. A serious player or student has to be “hungry” for knowledge, because without a sound education, on both educational fronts, you’ll be out of luck. 

When I say both educational fronts, I’m referring “his-storically” and “our-storically” speaking. Most “aware “colored” folk know what I’m talking about, but in case you don’t, I’ll attempt to simply what I mean. 

Some folk in all ethnic groups only “Eat Greedy" of colonial educational systems that have been imposed upon their mind-sets, and they don’t care to know anything of or about themselves. Does that sound like anyone in your current world of existences who you know? 

I would like you to give some serious thought to that, because when a committed soul commits to understanding the symbolism behind what I mean about “Learn Greedy,” he or she “knows” that the battle is on to avoid having his or her mind ensnarled with senseless mis-educational activities, games and myths. 

I see it all around me, and that’s why my thoughts went into writing “Learn Greedy” today, because a mind is still a terrible thing to waste, especially if you’re of color and think this life is a B-movie rated facade and game for the ignorant among “hue-manity” to watch and participate in. 

You know a lot of us think that way, and it’s hard for most people to recognize what’s happening to our nation’s public school plantations, oops, I mean, systems. Responsive people of color know the difference between the have and have-nots as the bald eagle flies from “Hollyweird” to Disney World. 

Life is a struggle for the have-nots, and the numbers are increasing with each political hung jury of selected, elected folk’s dismal debates. That truth is real to a thinking brother or sister of color, who knows and understands what “Learn (and Eat) Greedy” is all about. To be able to make it in life, no matter whether it’s trying to win a roster spot on a professional sports team, or whatever you’re trying to positively striving for in life, you have to be “hungry” for whatever it’s that you want, or desire, in life, and that requires the attainments of solid educational backgrounds. 

Remember that aforementioned slogan about “a hungry dog hunts best.” I know about always striving for more and never being complacent in life, because once you become complacent, you’ll be replaced. 

From employment to personal relationships, that sentiment seems to take on new meanings daily. So before you become too complacent and lazy where you’re at, maybe, you need to give “Learn Greedy” some consideration. For today and always, you never can get enough information, knowledge and education on your plate. “Eat and Learn Greedy,” and that’s, “As I See It.” 

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