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Bestselling Black Author's Story Is Positive Alternative to the Trayvon Martin Tragedy
7/20/2013 3:18:46 PM


By Will Harris

God provides experiences to grow our spirits and change our world. He gives us love to fight what we hate.

For example, my parents divorced early in my life. My mother didn’t have a college degree, but she had a strong work ethic and an iron will to raise her son for a higher purpose.

I grew to hate poverty because I lived it. Poverty goes beyond the lack of material things. It saps the spirit in the daily struggle to provide for the body. After the divorce, my father was still in my life and I saw him on weekends. While he worked hard and paid child support, we could only maintain our financial status and not build upon it.

So, when I had to make something out of the proverbial nothing, I became inventive. Living in a ghetto, my vision became sharper because I had to stay on alert for harm coming my way. In the ghetto, I saw career criminals use what they hated to attack good people for what they loved.

My early childhood also impressed upon me the importance of community. When you’re rich, you hire, buy or rent whatever you need. Wealthy people can build a wall of isolation – a silo of self. When you’re poor, you need others to lean on and provide the things you can’t buy. Poor people’s best chance is to use whatever they love as protection against whatever they hate.

Love is a strong principle in my book WillPower NOW: How to Increase Your Value at Home, Work, and the Bank. Love sustained me through many struggles to get me where I am today as a bestselling author, speaker and lifestyle coach. I wrote my book to teach others the very techniques I used to improve my home, work and financial life. By the grace of God and human willpower, my wife and I have loved one another for 20 years and we’re happily raising our eight-year-old son.

In February, I went to Ghana, Africa for business and took a walk in the town of Elmina. This is where the slave forts were located: where men, women and children were chained and sent like livestock to different parts of the world. There, I stumbled upon the Elmina Catholic School for Girls, where the children sat on top of each other, barefoot and without electrical power. In the 21st century, these girls had to move room-to-room following the daylight that shined through their classroom windows. They grappled with poverty on a level that I was unfamiliar with, yet they strove to praise the Almighty and seek self-improvement. Half a world away from home, I once again was face-to-face with the poverty I hated. Nevertheless, I had something I could use to fight against it: education. With the help of a friend there, I learned about the school’s plight and found out what it would take to deliver electrical power to the girls and their teachers. Thanks to everyone who bought my book and my generous wife, I was able to pay for the electrical work and have power connected to this special school. To my great joy, I used WillPower NOW to deliver girl power now.

As I see it, willpower is something you do or don’t do. Willpower isn’t a noun. It’s a verb. Willpower is action! Thus, my book is about taking action now to find, follow and fulfill your life purpose so you can use what you love to fight what you hate. 

About the author

Will Harris is an author, speaker and lifestyle coach. He was mentored by his mother; his grandfather, a Pentecostal preacher; and the late Christian speaker Zig Ziglar, for whom he worked. Will, a Christian, and his Catholic wife Lori are raising their son in the suburbs of Washington, D.C., where he’s also a mentor at the USA Job Corps. Will’s website is WillPowerNOW.com and his book WillPower NOW is sold in paperback and Kindle editions at Amazon.com. The book cover photo is by Mary Gargella.

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Submitted By: Jeff Sanders Submitted: 7/20/2013
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