Friday, October 25, 2013  
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When the Soul has Love to Give
7/10/2013 1:29:19 PM

By Hakim Abdul-Ali 

The world is going through a lot of turmoil and struggle. Angry bitterness and antagonistic chaos seems to magnify itself in many unsavory and hideous ways throughout the globe. 

From the sudden upheavals in many of the Arab nations to the developing cataclysms in countries of modern Africa and beyond, extreme disgust seems to be spreading worst than the yearly California fires that affect the Golden State. Likewise, there appears to be unresolved fires of hatred brewing everyday on the “tell-lie-vision,” so much so that it makes a tolerant observer sick to his or her heart about the catastrophes of the world. 

Sometimes, when viewing some of the world’s traumatic global realms, I ask, “Where is the love between the international brothers and sisters of those pretentious areas?” Who from those arenas has any semblance of love for one another to give respect an operative inroad? 

It’s a question worth asking because life is trying enough to exist without any compassion for your fellow ethnic brother or sister in the “hue-man” family. I take that position after listening to a casual Euro-American female listener in a grocery store recently extol the need for more love and communication among all peoples and nations of the world, regardless of what their “thing” is. 

That’s how she put it in her quirky, but impactful Southern drawl. To that end, I couldn’t help but signal my total agreement with her on that matter as I, too, feel that the world is in need of a massive love transplant among many of the warring segments of “hue-manity,” in order to make our souls right with the Creator’s concept of peace, love and harmony that should exist among us all. 

I believe in the spiritual powers of love and respect in no uncertain directions, and I realize that ethnic self-hatred is what it is in many forms and descriptions, no matter what the mind-set of those blemished “colored” folk’s thinking is. This woe also applies to the mind-sets of others, who appear oblivious to hatred’s stench-full psychological odor and harmful disease to anyone’s spiritual “hue-man” soul. 

The world, simply put, is need of a love injection to its soul, and I wonder about what are some of the hate instigators’ real objectives all about. The person, who was voicing her concern about the world’s horrors in the grocery store, (probably) felt the same way I do, but she said there was a need to stopping the senseless killings that we see everyday throughout America’s highways and by-ways. 

I feel that way also, but I believe that many good-hearted and peace-minded “colored” folk, and that includes you, me and all of this country’s ethnic folk, who live here, are also troubled by what’s going on in the world, must take responsibilities to change the earth’s habitats for the better, including what’s happening on our own shores. We must learn the value of love. 

Some “colored” folk don’t know that love begins in the inner spiritual core of our hearts, minds and souls. This reality has nothing to with what you call your religion, ethnic grouping or whatever “thing” you (may) want to use or to single out your diversity with or as. 

For this moment only, recall the words of Rodney King, “Can’t we all get along?” I don’t want to trivialize that statement, or the tragic scenario that led to his uttering those infamous words, but the truth is the light, what’s spiritually keeping us from getting along with each other locally, nationally and internationally? 

While you hopefully ponder that question, I’ll, respectfully, infer that, maybe, there’s too much loathing going on among the world’s ethnic “colored” groups to mention. Hatred is a blinding and baffling sickness, and it seems that everything today is about tribal “this” or national “that” until it stifles the palpable that today’s whole world is a “hue-man” salad bowl concoction of “colored” folks believing one “thing” or the other, some of which make no sense to a sane interpreter. 

Strange it may seem, “life is what is what is.” And you, nor I, or anyone else for that matter, is going to change what another soul believes, or practices, in his or her own mind, time and space. 

That’s why I’ve put it out there in my columns and writings over the last two decades plus that we’re all “colored” folk, without a single solitary soul being separated from the creative work of the Creator Alone. We’re all uniquely individual in our creations by God Alone, so let’s begin to understand that our differences, in many terms of individual dissimilarities, are there for us in today’s perplexing communication cyberspace, in order for us to respect one another and to get to understand one another. 

We must never forget that, and it could be what was behind the late Rodney King’s rather beguiling utterance of the moment. I sense that definitely was the tenor of what the Euro-American lady in the grocery store was extolling in her way of sensing the world needs some love in mega doses. 

In closing today, let’s think about how we can make our nation and the greater world-at-large a better place to be in to exist in and to feel good about. To do this we have to all work on our own spiritual “selves” first before we can expect to help or heal others of the sickness of hatred that exists everywhere, even in America. 

Remember that “it takes two to do the Tango, but it only takes one to be a fool.” Please don’t be duped by hatred’s trappings. Eliminate hatred before it destroys you, if it’s present in your soul’s thinking blueprint. 

Give love a prominent place in your heart and mind, and in the spirit of the ancient African wisdom, please don’t forget the motto, “Each one, teach one.” Again, bestow love that is real. For today and always, I wish you love, and that’s, “As I See It.” 

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