Friday, October 25, 2013  
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College Football Bowl Game in Charleston
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School Is Out At Last: Now What 'Ya Gonna Do?
6/12/2013 2:50:29 PM

I am reminded this time of year of one of the hits I danced to during the sixties but the meaning still lives on. You just could not sit down on Gary “US” Bonds song “School Is Out”. It was one of those up beat swing your partner song. I am talking about old school music. It is funny how relevant old school music is today. One of the verses was “No more books an’ studies, Now, I can stay out late with my buddies. I can do the things that I a-wanna do, ‘Cause all my exams are through.” Then the refrain is what I remembered the most and found myself repeating over and over again. “School is out at last. An’ I’m so glad I passed. So everybody come and go with me. We’ gonna have a night with “Daddy ‘G’. So, who in the heck was “Daddy G”? I didn’t know, and didn’t care. All I know is it was one of those dancing songs. Some guy would come along and pull you out of your chair onto the dance floor. Don’t act like y’all don’t remember those good ole days. 

Let’s fast forward to this generation. We are seeing more students passing now than ever before on a wing and a prayer. A number of students do not take their education seriously. Many of them live for as much time away from school as possible. The difference from old school and today schoolers is old schoolers took their education seriously. They did not have all of the distractions that children of today have. Why in the world does a second grader need a cell phone? Today’s children spend an inordinate amount of time on Smart Phones texting, gaming or on their tablets and computers searching the web and viewing pornographic materials. 

My kids are grown and gone so y’all help this old schooler get the message out. Today’s generation might say that old schoolers are out of touch. Some things are just not acceptable behavior no matter who is doing it. Students, don’t get caught up in the moment because some of your actions today just may come back to haunt you. I am getting to the texting of body parts. There is even a name for it, “Sexting”. Don’t think for one moment that your picture stops with the receiver. When the fling is over so are your little secrets. Don’t be surprised if you find out that your picture is floating around on the internet. You may think that you are sharing your body with someone who truly cares for you. Students, you may think your action is just a fleeting moment but it can change your life forever. First of all, it is illegal to expose your body and send pictures through texting or e-mail. 

According to research published in the July 2012 issue of Pediatrics & Adolescent Medicine, an astounding 57 percent had been asked to send a sext. While most of these teens admitted to being bothered by the request, 28 percent of the students followed through and had sent a naked picture of themselves through text or email.
Officials investigating a recent case in a Cincinnati-area high school say hundreds of students may have been involved in recent cases of sexting. In January, up to eight cell phones belonging to high school students were confiscated and found to have videos on them made by a male student, who has since been expelled, according to police. The student involved has been charged with pandering obscenities involving a minor, which is a felony.” 

Now that school is out and children have nothing but time on their hands, they can get into some serious trouble. Parents, now is the time to talk to your teen about Sexting and the consequences. In some states, teens are required to register as sex offenders for Sexting. That’s right! You heard me correctly. So, this is nothing to take lightly. You cannot have this conversation with your child enough about Sexting. And, don’t get caught up in your own world that you are oblivious to what is going on in your own home. Teens are in their rooms at night with their phones under the cover sexting and searching on free porn sites. Check your child’s phone and computer periodically for the history—sites that they have visited. You will be surprised to hat they have been up to. 

Listen up parents! I may be an old schooler but I ain’t no foola. It only takes a second for children to get into trouble. Be sure to engage your children in positive experiences this summer. The library is a good place for children to spend time reading and exploring and it is free. If you can’t afford to take them on a vacation, visit some of the parks and explore and discuss the many area attractions we have right here in Charleston and South Carolina. Charleston is surrounded by beaches but keep a close eye on them around the water. Keep them away from dangerous water holes. Enroll them in summer swimming classes. 

Keep your children safe this summer and out of shady sites on the internet. Now that you have the information, what ‘ya gonna do? 

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