Sunday, September 15, 2013  
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The Effects of Water Upon the Soul
6/5/2013 4:14:31 PM

By Hakim Abdul-Ali 

I was sitting at a table in “The Chronicle’s” office on Monday of this week completing another article when the sky got very dark and grey. It was overcast in a somewhat dreary sense of the mood. 

You probably know in advance that it signaled the onset of rain, and rain it did come. As I drifted from what I was thinking about in writing what was left of the article I had to complete, I became engulfed in feelings of melancholy as the rain began to pour down in front of “The Chronicle’s” front door. 

I steered through the front door’s almost clear glass door into the now misty horizon wondering why the rain affects me the way that it does. Nature is something to behold to a sensitive thinker of life and sound, and that I am. 

It seems as though I become a more humble and appreciative as tranquility and calmness transfers themselves into diluted raindrops to show me special things about life and time. I hope you understood what I just said because the rain can elevate anyone’s spiritual thoughts if you just let it teach you a thing or two. 

If you’ve been and are a frequent reader of my column, you know that I’m very, very sentimental about the rain, and I’ll write about it and nature to my heart’s content. And, the funny thing about it, many “hue-mans,” especially women, who seem to be in tuned to what I’ve been and am saying about this totally phenomena called rain, have an advanced grasp on the majesty of rain. 

Rain, the natural wet flow of nature from the Creator Alone’s clouds, is soothing to my thoughts and sanity as it quiets my present emotions with a steadiness of spiritual serenity, some that are too, too personal to share with you or anyone else. Nature can do that to any sensitive being of color who desires inner harmony in the moment of a personal and silent need. 

Are you such an individual, or are you looking for a placebo umbrella to shield you from your own anxious discovery of yourself? Don’t answer if you’re afraid of exposing the real you to yourself. 

Thinking about the rain’s effect upon my own soul and mind-set, as I often do, allows me to see things in very subdued, cognitive perspectives. I feel that my blood pressure lowers within my body, so much so that I’m satisfied being relaxed in that moment by just looking at the rain falling briskly to the ground outside “The Chronicle’s” door.

It’s like a chill factor that comes over me as I play composed lyrics from the 1970s’ soul group, “The Dramatics,” with Ron Banks singing lead to “I Wish It Would Rain.” That’s one of my all-time favorite personal mood songs from yesteryear that rings in my mind whenever it downpours. 

Now, the constant drizzle is creating a new orchestra of more natural sounds for my sensitive Afro-ears to hear as the rain’s shower of watery enlightenment, again, soothes the staccato commotions emerging in my soul. The rain brings the poet out of me that I was once known to be back in my old Newark, New Jersey, and NYC days decades ago.

I guess in many ways, I never left that part of my earlier poetic spiritual ascension as my prosaic memory is still somewhere hidden in an ever-present natural love affair the splendor and magnificence of rain’s watery majesty. Are you on that same plane of elevated enlightenment? 

If you are, then you know about “The Effects of Water Upon the Soul.” It can be so illuminating for an uptight mind to know that just knowing about the flow of natural running rain water upon one’s mind’s eye and what it can in establishing peace within himself, or herself, is a miracle unto itself. 

That’s where my head’s at as I’m still savoring the few lasting moments of the rain that’s cascading upon “The Chronicle’s” front door. I’m forever lost in a watery thought of isolated peaceful thinking that is taking me to a place where sweet dreams dear not go.

I don’t know by saying that last statement you can understand the depth of my writing this week’s article entitled “The Effect of Water Upon My Soul.” It’s all about trying to get next to a sign from the Most High Alone to be at peace within my own soul with the help of the good Lord Alone. 

I thank Him, and only Him Alone, for all the blessings that He (Alone) has showered on all of us. Where would we be without the Creator’s Alone’s created water in our lives as life flips uncharted and unimaginable scripts over and over in our diurnal axis of thinking and being? 

Water is crucial for “hue-man” survival. I don’t know whether that thought ever seriously entered your mind-set as it has and does mine, but I try to take nothing for granted, even the preciousness of a past fleeting moment in time. It means something to a spiritually reflective thinker, who knows that “There’s Nothing Worthy of Worship but the Most High Alone.” 

I, respectfully, say to you to never forget that as you travel the earth in your private worlds of excursions. That includes being in a space and time where you can reflect upon “The Effects of Water Upon Your Soul.” 

Give it some thought the next time it rains in your worlds of existences. And when you do, ask the Most High Alone to give you guidance in understanding the wisdom of why the raindrops fall the way that they do and for what purpose they serve “hue-mankind.”

Peace always, and may raindrops keep falling upon your head, heart and soul. Smile always. Remember that a smile is God Alone’s rain for a dry spirit and an angry soul. It nourishes the heart with kindness. Keep your head up as you wish for rain for to nurture the earth and our spirits. For today and always, that’s, “As I See It.” 

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