Sunday, September 15, 2013  
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Rose-Tinted Lessons for the Soul
5/29/2013 4:32:51 PM

By Hakim Abdul-Ali

On many occasions over the years as a columnist, I’ve spoken about the aspect of viewing life as being a learning voyage. I really mean that because life is what it is to some “colored” folk in “hue-manity” as they attempt to subsist and make it through another moment in time.

You may view that that thought from any perspective, but some of us really do see things differently than others for a myriad of reasons. In many other segments of “hue-manistic” thinking and looking at life in the rear view mirrors of our sensitivities, some abstract beings could less about thinking seriously about the next moment in time.

As I write, I’m thinking rather deeply about the “now” time lesson learning mode that I’m presently in because it’s a sign from God Alone. I quite frankly admit that I’m a spiritual realist who believes passionately in the signs of the Creator Alone.

Being upfront with you, I wasn’t always in that philosophical thought realm, but I definitely am one now. Being in the present moment and being able to appreciate life’s provocative import is beyond symbolic definitions for some average non-thinkers in existence.

Some “colored” folk never get it that the experience of living is a showground where we all must reside and try our very best to exist with each other and attempt to decipher what living in peace really is all about. Again, that is inclusive of all of the collective happenings which occur in our worlds of inner and external existences.

I’ve always thought that the world’s ethnic “colored” masses have looked at peaceful co-existence through rose- tinted glasses. I know you’ve probably heard that lesson before, even if some others in “hue-manity” may look at life through their own eyes without the aid of shaded bifocals.

How do you view the peaceful living experience as, hopefully, a progressively thinking student of the universe? Is the experience from your perspective colored by truth, indoctrination or imaginary falsehood?

Those are germane points to think about, especially if you look at life’s realistic happenings thru rose-tinted glasses. Growth is a revolving schoolhouse unto itself for the clear eyed diplomatic observer who wishes to learn more about truth and happiness from the lessons of life.

Peaceful living is an actual virtual continuing growth university at the highest level of sophisticated understanding. It’s no laughing matter to talk about achieving peace and, if you think it is, take off your rose- tinted glasses, because you’re only wearing them as a front to look cool or to fool your fellow American.

Listen, I know that some of us in “hue-manity” are seriously perpetual students of learning who live life for the moment, and that’s it. Then there are others, who love life for the spiritually motivated direction of trying to get closer to God Alone centered peace.

I’m one of those souls, and it’s a struggling lesson within my own soul to stay on the course. I’ve never been one to not say that life is a test in the highest form of existence, so I must cherish each moment that I’m in this phase of earthly living. Do you? 

Again, I do and I have to thank the Most High Alone for giving me another moment to savor this second, even if I happen to be wearing rose-tinted glasses. That’s why the aspect of peaceful living is always in my “now” thinking patterns.

Every moment which occurs in life is a conscious spiritual revelation of stupendous magnitude. Nothing happens just to be happening arbitrarily without the Most High’s knowledge. Do you agree?

I hope that you do because things happen for a reason, and all competent students of the life’s universal pragmatic teaching know that this is a bona fide maxim. Do you accept as fact and, if not, then why not? What a lesson to be learned!

Ponder that reality for a stone, cold moment in time as you scrutinize the question thru your self-medicated rose-tinted glasses. While doing that I respectfully ask you to reflect on the fact that life (thus far) should have brought you out of many depths of thought and ignorance into a prudent understanding that everything happens for a reason?

I believe that the judicious rose-tinted wearing linguists of spiritual knowledge call it fate. Please remember that fate is a very mystifying word to some ethnic “colored” folk of the globe, in that, they won’t admit to (possibly) being deceived by what is and what is not in their elementary learning centers of life.

From love to lust and to hell and back, many perplexed “hue-mans” play all sorts of mental games with themselves and others for all the wrong reasons. In today’s worlds of divisive complexities and emotional twisted “hue-man” interplays, peaceful living for all is a remote tragedy waiting to happen when some “colored” folk wear smudged rose-tinted glasses.

That’s too bad because the life teaches the astute that fate is described as a force viewed as unalterably determining, in advance, the way things happen. When wearing clean and clearly visible rose-tinted glasses peace is not smudged with prejudice and bigotry.

Some “colored” folk want peace and harmony and other cry out for negativity and mayhem. A peaceful soul understands that and automatically knows where some “hue-mans” are coming from. It’s another lesson learned.

It’s like being able to admit that finally “game recognizes game” in the simple parlance of “seeing” where certain gaming “colored” folk are coming from in your life. Does that make you think even more about looking at peaceful living without clear rose-tinted glasses on?

Life’s a lesson in being tested, but fate describes that all clear wisdom from the Most High Alone is not an ancient accident of mental or spiritual occurrence. No one can escape fate placed on him or her by the Creator Alone.

We must not be nebulous about who we are and why we are put here. We’re all put here to establish peaceful respect between each other and that’s our tranquil destiny. Take the moments in life seriously. They are rose-tinted lessons for the soul. Be strong in extending love and exhibit spiritually calmness, even with if you don’t wear glasses. For today, that’s, “As I See It.”.

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