Monday, September 16, 2013  
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College Football Bowl Game in Charleston
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Charles Ramsey Is A Hero
5/15/2013 2:08:08 PM

By Beverly Gadson-Birch 

The unbelievable happened last week when Amanda Berry, her daughter, born in captivity, and two other women were led to freedom by Charles Ramsey after being held captive for almost a decade. It was quickly noted that Ramsey was not a polished spokesman but he was sincere in his efforts.

At first I thought Ramsey was a bit amusing while trying to explain how he assisted Amanda Berry and her daughter to safety not knowing who she was or what exactly was taking place. He just knew something was amiss because he was not used to hearing women screaming "let me out" on his street. Ramsey said he had moved there a year ago and knew everyone on the street but something about the woman's scream caught his attention and led him across the street to see if he could help her. Ramsey said he first thought the commotion was a fight between a couple or a kid being attacked by a pit bull but he heard the woman say "help me and my baby, I've been kidnapped and missing for awhile. Once police officers and FBI agents arrived, Ramsey realized that there were two other women in the home who were just too frightened to leave. What Ramsey had stumbled upon made him an instant hero. Ramsey had done what law enforcement had not done in 10 years and that is to find the women and return them home. 

During Anderson Cooper's interview, my first thought was this guy is really not a good spokesman. He is on national television and he kept referring to Anderson Cooper as "Bro" and his "broken English" was a bit funny but once I got beyond that I saw the best of America in Charles Ramsey. I saw a man who was just happy to have been able to help free the women from their horrible experience. Ramsey sought nothing in return. I think I thought about the reward money before Ramsey did. I imagine there would be some type of reward money for the women's safe return and said he deserves it. Ramsey would have no part of it. Ramsey said "give them the money" referring to the women who he had just freed. Now, Ramsey may have fallen a bit short in articulating his experience but he is long on values. Even with his hero status, reporters had to try and dig up dirt in his past to try and diminish his heroic act. Ramsey has a heart that so many of us are missing. I don't know of too many people who would have turned down the reward money particularly living from paycheck to paycheck. Ramsey is not rich with any stretch of the imagination. He is just an ordinary man on the street that we see every day and turn our noses up at because we think we are better than they are. Oh , y'all know you do that. That's how Massa has brainwashed you to think. If you make a dime more than I do or have a house a little bigger than mine, you think you are better than I am. Thank goodness for Charles Ramsey because if he were an "uppercrust", chances are he may not have heeded the woman's cry for help and they would still be imprisoned. He may be like some of us not wanting "to get involved". We think because we talk better than Ramsey does, we are better; or, we live in a nicer home, we are better. I have heard several comments regarding Ramsey and most of the writers think he is funny, a bit expressive and an opportunist. I see Ramsey as a hero. He has not only changed the lives of the four persons he helped to rescue but he has impacted the lives of many in this country even if it is just for the moment. 

I like Ramsey's humor in telling what happened the day he found the women. It didn't matter that his subject and verb did not agree. He was just relieved that he was able to help someone out of trouble. Don't worry about whether your subject and verb agree or disagree. It's the service you render to others that matter. For all of the Charles Ramseys of the world, don't be embarrassed if you fall short; we all do. It is what you do for others that will last. 

I applaud Charles Ramsey for his heroism because he truly is a hero in my book. Who knows what would have happened to those women had he not intervened. Ten years in captivity is a long, long time. I salute Amanda Berry for her courage to take a chance at freedom and for the other women whose lives are forever changed. 

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