Wednesday, May 22, 2013  
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Taking a Second Look at Serenity
4/3/2013 2:24:33 PM

By Hakim Abdul-Ali

   Everyone seems to be looking for serenity. In that endless search it’s hard to describe what makes today’s sometimes topsy-turvy world go round, especially with all of the chaos and turmoil that exists in the caverns of modernity.

   I’m “vibing” on a calming thought that’s taking me to a solitary place in my mind where peace among “hue-mans” does exist in some shape, manner or form without hatred and malice. Some “colored” may think that I’m talking about a utopian dominion but, in actuality, I guess you could say that I’m “Taking a Second Look at Serenity.”

   For me that reflective development begins in my (and your) individual probing heart(s) because inner self-love is what you desire to be. I know that everyone sees things differently, including what makes them happy, and that’s what makes being conspicuously “hue-man” so unique an experience of the emergent soul.

   Serenity is the goal for many “colored” souls, but what roads do they take to reach that end? It’s a delicate voyage, totally personal to all inquiring ethnic souls in how they view their own personal and diplomatic states of existence.

   In looking at the realness of being at peace with one’s own self, understanding the aura of seeking or attaining inner serenity, or peaceful tranquility, is a time honored quest for the spiritually gifted among “hue-manity,” both past and present. That is why it’s so important to figure out the austere virtue of “Taking a Second Look at Serenity,” because it’s a stern priority in our spiritual development.

   It’s a vaunted realm that (mostly) every sane soul dreams of. Do you and, if you don’t, then why don’t you?

   While you’re thinking of your answer(s) to that question, please stay focus on the immediacy of finding inner peace. Finding out what makes you happy is all that there is and no one do it but you.

That reminds me about an individual, who I was recently doing some business with, spoke to  me about his quest for acquiring inner peace from his religious and philosophical perspectives. Even though he and I hold different religious traditions, we both were in agreement and on same accord that peace is needed in our lives. 

   We both said that we needed to take a closer look at what was serenity of the soul and what it meant to our eternal senses of goodwill and inner mental harmony. Sometimes, that point can get lost in transitions as we move from point A in our hectic lives to point B in our daily sojourns from here to there.

   I certainly know that it is that way for me as I, a budding work in evolving progress, struggle with each new day, all the while praying and habitually “Taking a Second Look at Serenity” never forgetting what the quest for peace stands for in my life. My business associate said that was what he was dealing with also as are many of his personal acquaintances and family members.

   I feel deeply within me, you and everyone else in “hue-manity,” and even with all of our “hue-manistic” flaws, imperfections and faults, that there can only be a reachable inner serenity in the first degree of recognition by getting closer to the Most High Alone, because there’s no force greater than the force of the Creator Alone of everything and everyone. Take a close look at that thought.

   Just to know that in acquiring its primary manifestation, true inner peace is to gain the knowledge know that there’s nothing greater than the Most High Alone.  With that supreme insight all things are possible.

   I’m testifying to that pristine reality now by writing what I’m writing by His Alone’s grace and mercy, and I’m doing so while “Taking an Initial Look at Serenity.” God alone is greater than everything. Nothing is secondary to that premise.

   If you’re reading what I’ve written thus far then you, too, are blessed to be able to see and read what I’m offering and, hopefully, you’ll be able to comprehend my thoughts, because God Alone has given you this moment to read my written opinions.“Take a Second Look at Serenity.”

   Also, I hope that you’re reading my thoughts without bias and prejudice, because we all are struggling to some degree, or another, with life’s trials, hurdles, tests and pitfalls. Life is an extreme investigation of survival skills for the spiritually fit.

   No one is perfect, and that’s why the search for spiritual serenity was always placed so high on the Prophets of God Alone (May God Alone’s mercy and peace always be upon them all) lists of important things to remember. My friend was echoing those exact sentiments from his religious persuasion and I, too, validate his stance because God, Alone, is greater than everything in creation.

  Many times that reality is hard to pinpoint as we trod through our life’s episodes with callous inattention to our natural mental selves. When that happens, our paths of being peace seekers become crossed with mystifications and mayhem, looking for stillness in all the wrong places.

   You probably know of what I speak as you continue to process my thoughts today on your way to the next arbitrary thought procedure that (surely) will pop up in your psyche. That longing for the stillness of a distant relief from hostility is what taking “A Second Look at Serenity” is about.

   It’s a personal trek into your individual mind-set to get closer to the Most High Alone because, then and only then will peace flow into your heart, mind and soul. To that end my associate said to me that from his religious leaning, it required forgiveness and being at one with God.

   I have to agree with him because serenity, peace, or whatever you want to call quietude of the mind and soul, has to connect to the channels of love and forgiveness, which can only be come God Alone. “Take a Second Look at the need for Serenity.”

   It’s taken me quite a while to understand that phenomenon, and I know that I can’t make it without the help of the Creator Alone. My business associate said as much as he boldly said  that he agreed with me in the need for “Taking a Second Look at Serenity.”

   My continual thought proposal to him and you, and as well to myself, is that we work progressively on forgiveness and getting as close as we can to the Most High’s compassionate mercy. That takes serious effort because Satan is always around stirring up trouble.

   May the Most High Alone help us in our quest for attaining spiritual inner peace, forgiveness and guidance, no matter what ethnicity or gender we belong to. Please “Take a Second Look at Serenity.” For today and always, that’s “As I See It.”

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