Wednesday, May 22, 2013  
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Not Quite Spring
3/13/2013 12:42:29 PM

by Hakim Abdul-Ali

  The month of March has rolled in with a slow and calming presence here in the stately Lowcountry sector of the Palmetto state. It’s an anticipated  time of the year.

   I don’t know what your feelings are about the turning of the seasons, but spring is definitely in the air. There’s a matchless beauty to the annual transformations of the different seasons.

   Even though it’s “Not Quite Spring” in the general topography of this area, winter is slowly, but surely, fading away from here and the rest of the American landscape for this seasonal year. And for some of our nation’s “colored” inhabitants, it’s a welcome relief.

   What’s your view on that scenario? Sometimes, it’s very important to think about the simple changes that are taking place in our lives even as they occur in the seasons of our minds, hearts and souls.

   I say that because that I’m forever a believer  in the principle that nature is a love song. The majestic realm and beauty of God Alone’s spectacular creations called the seasons are beyond commonplace description.

   In my mind you don’t have to be an ethnically identified soul from any particular nationality to relish the joys of the seasons of the Creator Alone. There’s no exclusively Black, nor White or Red or Brown or Yellow in the definition of God Alone’s creative power symbolizations in life for everyone to experience and understand.

   I see the Most High Alone’s creative exquisiteness in everything. They exist in every shape and form in every created thing residing throughout the corridors of “hue-man” existence and beyond.

   Maybe, that’s why I’ll forever resolutely infer that nature is a soothing love song for the mind and souls of all ethnic “colored” beings. That applies to any and all no matter where they live on this earth.

   It’s not quite springtime here where I live in coastal South Carolina, but you can sense that spring is on the way. Just by looking at the blooming trees, with developing leaves, lets me know that God Alone’s natural chorus is about to sing and produce another flavorful lyric of wonder for the people of my and your respective living environs to appreciate and experience.

   It’s joyous sight to behold, so please don’t take what you see and are experiencing for granted because developing life, in all of its presentations, is a precious gift from the Most High Alone. Count each second as though it could be your last one here on earth.

   It’s something about the awesome powers of God Alone that are so stupendous for everyone to savor, but, unfortunately, some of us in created “hue-manity” deny the favors of the Creator Alone. I used to be like that, and I can’t tell you number of times in my past that I never took the time to be grateful to experience the beauty of the seasons of the year.

   There’s such an ecstasy in seeing the marvelous arrivals of all the varied seasons of the year until, many times, some “hue-mans” forget to give thanks for each favor or moment from the Most High Alone. I hope that you’re not a member of that grouping.

   Repeating myself, as I’ve said previously, I was one of the neglectful beings, who had been transparently ignorant in recognizing that all of nature is a breathtaking love saga for the spiritually aware. That’s why I’m “vibing” on the fact that, even though it’s “Not Quite Spring,” I still have sensitivities towards all the seasons of the year, and I have a sobering affection for being in the here and now, God Alone’s grace and mercy.

   It seems as though each new season is a another chapter in life repeating itself for what appears to be the umpteenth time in my worldly views of occurrences. You may feel the same way about the way life teaches you about yourself through the unfolding of the seasons.

   Sometimes, as you look at the wonders of creations like viewing the clouds floating on high or the flow of a mighty river, you may understand what I’m saying a little better. These occurrences, and many, many more, are all parts of nature’s imposing monarchy unfolding before our minds’ eyes teaching us reverentially that “All Praises are due to God Alone.”

   That’s where my head’s at. When I think of any season of the year, I’m deeply into saying and feeling wholeheartedly that “All Praises are due to God Alone,” because Who else are you, or I, going to thank for being alive to see such a brilliant spectacle?

   Even though it’s “Not Quite Spring,” I have to testify that “There’s nothing worthy of being worshipped except the Creator Alone of everything and everyone in existence.” That feeling of spiritual acknowledgment flows now in my heart and soul and throughout the seasons of the year.

   With that spiritual sincere sense of recall I can’t help but see nature is a divinely eternal love song of the highest octave. I trust that you are there also as you testify that, even though it’s “Not Quite Spring,” you’ll still see the redeeming virtues of celebrating another part of one of the Most High’s soon-to-be seasonal recitations of nature.

   When, and if you do, then elevate your spiritual consciousness high by saying that nature is more than just a happenstance. It’s an inimitable creation of God Alone, so give thanks. 

   And, because of that unique reality, I humbly declare, again, that “All Praises are due to God Alone.” With that unrelenting thought in my heart and knowing that it’s “Not Quite Spring,” I’ll respectfully close for today, saying to you from the bottom of my heart, “Have a great day.”

   For today and all of the seasons of the year, that’s, “As I See It.”  

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