Wednesday, May 22, 2013  
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Pushed Over The Cliff
3/8/2013 12:19:08 PM

By Beverly Gadson-Birch

     It was March 1 when President Obama somberly addressed the nation on the sequestration which includes furloughs and deep budget cuts.  He told the nation the Republicans refused to budge and that they had rather cut critical areas such as Head Start, the WIC Program, homeless and the military before they cut taxes on the wealthy.  The President called the decision "dumb".  I call the decision dumber than dumb.  We just need to vote those haughty Congressmen out of office and bring in a new bunch.  This nation has seen the best and worst of times.  America will rebound.  We always do but this our present budget fiasco is unnecessary.   We have been in the storm too long.  It's been over eight years and enough is enough.  Since the Republicans lost the election, they are hell bent on ensuring that the President fails. That has been their primary goal from day one.  Republicans don't give a rat's crap about restoring the economy to a more salient time.  Their attitude has been one of bringing the President down at any cost and it is hurting the American people. 

    The budget cuts resulting in furloughs were a gotcha moment for the Republicans who were determined to make the President a one term President. Since the Republicans got rolled over by the bus, they figured they would continue to try and discredit the outstanding work that the President is doing in getting the economy back on track. Unemployment was declining but now thousands will be added back to the roll.  That's ludicrous!  Congress loves to manipulate numbers.  They create situations that cut jobs then they blame the President and Democrats for the high unemployment rate. Black folks, y'all tend to jump on the bandwagon and join forces with the "gotcha" gang. Be sure you know the facts about the sequester. If you don't, do your homework before jumping to conclusions. President Obama has fought valiantly for the poor and middle class and don't let anyone tell you otherwise. When he spoke of higher taxes for the wealthy, he was advocating taxing himself. The President is not hypocritical like some of those big dog Republicans who call for cuts on the most vulnerable like the homeless, veterans, head start, WIC program, small businesses and military and not propose cuts for themselves. Take a look at what's being cut. Just when we are beginning to see some relief from a struggling economy, we find ourselves slipping backwards. Companies had begun to hire again. Construction of new homes has resumed. The housing market is slowly rebounding. Interest rates were still at an all time low making buying a new home more affordable or refinancing more attractive on current high rate mortgages. 

    You see there will always be those among us who think that a "Negro" must be subservient and when he is not, he is viewed as uppity.  Some folks are still saddled with the weight of the past.  In the past, Negroes were not suppose to give but take orders.  Well, let me just advise you in case you don't know.  The "Negro" has come a long  way from Negro to Black. Black signifies the beginning of a new era and a new beginning of respect.  For those of you who continue to disrespect the President, I say to you get over it.  The President has been working hard to level the playing field for all Americans. It's no secret that the Republican Party has always catered to the rich.  They are also known for creating war so they can get even richer.   That is why they can't recover from a Black man being elected to the Office of the President of these United States of America.

    So are we on the cliff or have we fallen off? While we may have fallen off the cliff, Congress has fallen off its rockers. Hear me out! Cuts are always necessary to balance a budget and many of you have had to make cuts to your budgets as well. Whenever cuts are made arbitrarily and capriciously to babies and the homeless, America is asking for trouble. The WIC program has helped millions of  moms get off to a great nutritional start with their babies. Sick and undernourished children create larger tax burdens on Americans and unnecessary burdens on our health care system. Poor nutrition stunts the growth of children physically, mentally and emotionally. And if that is not damaging enough, Head Start stimulates and promotes early learning and child development that contribute greatly to a child's success when he/she enters kindergarten and/or first grade.   

    Send a message to Congress. Tell them if they are really serious about cutting the budget, cut their salaries and benefits and then head for the hills. 

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