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Respect Before Injustice
2/4/2013 11:58:20 AM

By Hakim Abdul-Ali


   I was riding in my vehicle recently and I thought about the pace of impertinence in “hue-man” life. Sometimes, it can only be best described as chaotic.


   With that vibe on my mind, I’m harkening back to the good old days when I was child and my parents were dealing with the pressures of their days in the land of the separate and unequal. They endured some heavy trials as beings and people of color.


   Many times, as life has taught me to reflect on past and present incidents, I’ve wondered how my parents made it in the oppressive times of wanton segregation and racial discrimination. My folks, along with all of the other “colored” folks of their era, were “hue-mans,” who battled hazardous survival events in their time that most young folk today have no clue about.


   Talk about “injustice with no respect.” Our ancestors and other affected people of color were generally under hostage when living in and dealing with America’s systematic oppression and societal abuse.


   Take, for example, what was the so-called civil rights struggle all about back then? And I’m still, now, reflecting on where people of color are today in terms of “their” civil rights.


   Makes one think, “What’s really going on in the bald eagle’s organizational plans for thinking people of color?” I know that I am, and I trust that you are doing the same because ignorance is a lie that’s evil and truth is its remedy.


   Understanding that, I’ve come to learn thus far in my later life, that some “colored” folk living in Babylon west seem to be focused on everything except being free. Many of them seem to be absorbed into crass materialism and surface educational pursuits.


   All this appears to be taking place with no regards to what appears, again, to be an escalating normalcy of second-class citizenry among Black folk existing in the world’s recognized modern hippest place to be. Isn’t that the image that you see in many of our hoods and ghettoes?


   That shouldn’t take too much thought for you, or anyone, to realize, because America is supposed to be the eternal symbol of freedom and justice for all. At least that’s what it says on the billboards of democracy that flourish throughout the globe’s internet hook-ups.


   Travelling back in time, I’m hard pressed to remember the troubled times of the rocky roads in search of integration that most “colored” people of yesteryear clamored for, all in the name of God and equality. It was as though they were screaming in the darkness of a forbidden quest for acceptance as equal “hue-man” beings to an invisible group of “other” folk to accept them as worthy beings of creation.


   I guess you could call my parents, and all of the other “colored” folk of that era, who craved liberation from racial inequality, because they most certainly were yearning to be free and wanted to be treated as equals along with all of the other “colored” ethnic groups in America. Does that make sense and matter to you?


   It should, if you are aware that “Justice Before Injustice” is what my parents, along with all of the past suffering masses of America’s subjugated biased masses, were praying for and dreamed about. They wanted equal treatment and mutual respect in this democratic land of the good and plenty before spiritual decay and decadent immorality surfaced to destroy the potential good will of the nation.


   I don’t think that these seekers of “hue-man” dignity were wrong to have wanted a slice of the vaunted America’s freedom for all pie. Do you? After all, isn’t that what living in this country, and anywhere else for that matter, is all about?


   It’s all about wanting to live in freedom where respect and justice reign supreme for all and not just for a certain element of society. That’s what my parents and all of those other desirous “hue-mans” of the civil rights era advocated and marched for.


   They wanted “justice” for all, and that included them. It’s my sincere belief that no one wants automatic justice to exist without a common sense of shared and mutual respect for everyone in this country, regardless of so-called race, creed or color.


   Is that only a thought that appears on a selected sheet of a “his-storical” paper, or is it a shared reality for everyone in this country to believe that that includes them also? I’d like to think that if “Respect Before Injustice” is truly understood in the realm of proper patriotism in this country, then racial and religious bigotries must cease in all forms in our nation.


   Before anyone can believe in a respected written form of respected equal justice in the court systems, educational schools, and housing laws, etc., there must be a genuine (overall) American spiritual sensibility from the populace towards respect for all. Sadly, in my view, we are not there yet, even though I see that there are pockets of some Americans who are doing the spiritual and politically correct things to bring about the very best in what this country stands for, both in written script and in reality.


   The stench of racism has vanished somewhat since my parents’ time, but remnants of visible and stagnant prejudice are as—well, putting it mildly, “as American as apple pie.” That’s why it’s depressing because our country needs “Respect Before Injustice” destroys our nation from within and from without.


   I believe in the “hue-manity” of every God Alone created souls to be and do the very best that they can and should be. Respect for all is something we, as a celebrated national diverse group of “colored” folk, need to work on before the “injustice” of renewed narrow-mindedness destroys America from within.


   Intolerance in any form is an “injustice” to the very core of the “respected” of the essence of “hue-man” creation. We are all created by the Most High Alone to be here for a very short and specified amount of time in this life, so don’t get carried away thinking that you’re anything but that. All of our time on this earth and in this phase of life is very short.


   The next moment is not promised, so why not practice respect for all and malice towards none. Life is too, too short if you know what I mean to become engaged in injustices in any format. We should respect life, the earth and ourselves that God, the Creator Alone, has given us.


   Respectfully, I say to you that in God Alone’s illustrious name, please remember that the symbolic message of what “Respect Before Injustice” implies. Peace be with you today and always, and that’s, “As I See It.”






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