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NAACP Sanctions Symbolic?
1/3/2013 11:57:08 AM

Lonnie Randolph - SC NAACP President

By Barney Blakeney


 In 2000 the South Carolina NAACP Conference of Branches mounted the first King Day at the Dome rally to highlight economic sanctions against the state’s tourism industry as a means of removing the Confederate Flag from atop the State house dome - a symbol, the NAACP contended, that state lawmakers still perpetuated racial injustice. Over the 13 years since they were imposed, have the sanctions themselves become symbolism?

 Tourists and conventioneers visiting the Tri-county area spend some $3 billion annually, according to the Charleston Metro Chamber of Commerce. About 74 percent of hotel and motel rooms are occupied at an average rate of $150 per day. Individuals spend about $200 per day for food and beverages, to attend attractions and shopping.

 Despite the sanctions and more recent downturn in the national economy, those statistics remain significantly unchanged. But NAACP officials  maintain the sanctions are effective.

 South Carolina NAACP Conference of Branches President Lonnie Randolph said, “the sanctions are working well.”

 The National Collegiate Athletic Association has honored the sanctions by refusing to hold its tournaments in the state and numerous major corporations still won’t come to the state in honor of the sanctions, he said.

 Hundreds of family groups and organizations still support the sanctions, and while revenue to the tourism industry can easily be measured, it’s more difficult to gauge the money that doesn’t come in because of the sanctions, he said.

 But regardless of the measuring sticks used to gauge the sanctions, Randolph said their relevance is undeniable. The paternalistic, racist and supremacist rhetoric of the last presidential election is evidence of the need to maintain a protest for justice, Randolph said.

 Local NAACP presidents echoed Randolph’s sentiments.

 Goose Creek NAACP President David Cakley said though major corporations and organizations have supported the sanctions, less support is seen among Black fraternal and sorority groups. Still, the sanctions are about both symbolism and substance, he said.

 The economic impact of the sanctions is tangible, but the symbolic protest of disparities perpetuated by a ruling class that continues to fly the flag of a defeated effort is of equal substance, he said.

 North Charleston NAACP President said the sanctions are an undercurrent that will remain a focus until the Confederate Flag is removed from the State house grounds.




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Submitted By: Confederate Mike Submitted: 1/3/2013
The National Association of Angry Colored Pricks is a REVERSE RACISM Klan. It's sole purpose for existing is to stir propaganda, brainwash the misguided and uneducated and of course to generate a re-birth of none existing or superficial issues. They cause trouble and antagonize folks in order to remain in the public eye. Deo Vindice, Confederate Mike.

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