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What Is Your Heart Trying to Tell You?
12/20/2012 2:40:23 PM


By S.A. Nickerson


 When your body tries to tell you something, how well do you listen? With many health issues, your body sends out signals that something has gone awry.

 Of course, listening to your body when it complains that you just ate too much spicy food or you have a minor cold coming on may not be of life-shattering importance.

 However, when it comes to your heart, listening to your body is crucial — because ignoring or misinterpreting these bodily signals can be deadly.

 In fact, researchers at Duke University Medical Center have recently determined that unrecognized myocardial infarctions (or "silent" heart attacks, in layman's terms) are much more common than physicians had previously suspected.

 And unfortunately, they note these silent heart attacks carry a very high risk of death.

 Studies indicate that about 200,000 Americans suffer a heart attack each year without even realizing it. These unrecognized heart attacks account for about one-fourth of all heart attacks, making this a serious public health issue.

 Fortunately, according to renowned cardiologist Dr. Chauncey Crandall, you can easily train yourself to listen to your own body's signals when it comes to the state of your heart health.

 Dr. Crandall recently collaborated with Newsmax Health to make available a special video presentation: 4 Things You'll Feel Right Before a Heart Attack. In this no-cost video, you'll see four major ways your body tries to warn you — before it's too late to intervene and survive the damage.

 Because, while they are called "silent" heart attacks, your body will warn you of these impending attacks days, weeks, even months before the actual cardiac events. However, symptoms may be mild, vague, or even painless — and many people don't even realize they're heart-related.

 In particular, four things you could feel are the most sinister signs of a silent heart attack. Just don't expect the stereotypical "Hollywood" heart attack, where you see an actor clutching at the left side of his chest in severe pain. This is actually less common.

To view the video visit:




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