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Charleston Development Academy Students Tour Boeing Facilities
12/20/2012 2:25:31 PM

Students from Charleston Development Academy (CDA) toured the Boeing facility in North Charleston arranged by S.C. Rep. Wendell Gilliard

By Kwadjo Campbell


40 students from the Charleston Development Academy (CDA) located in downtown Charleston had the opportunity to learn about world-class aircraft engineering and manufacturing from one of the industry’s leaders.  Representative Wendell Gilliard arranged this November 30th tour for the youth because he wants them to aim high. “This is something that I know will give these children something else to learn and dream about as for as a possible career in engineering, aviation, air plane mechanics, even just wanting to become a pilot, you know the old saying, if you teach them high, chances are they will reach high” He Said .

A few days before the tour, Representative Gilliard visited the school so that he could speak with each of the sixth, seventh, and eighth grade class that was going on   the field trip. He spoke with students about Boeing, and discussed things that he and they had already learned about the industry. “By activating their prior knowledge of airplanes, I was increasing their excitement, and therefore their level of engagement. These moments to expose our students to an economic world beyond what they know are precious, and so we must make the most of them. One student even stated as we pulled up to the plant ‘I feel like I am in another world.’ I want them to know it is within their reach!”

CDA Parent, Mrs. Brenda Grant, shared Rep. Gilliard’s enthusiasm. “This was amazing! Four years from now when they are trying to decide what to major in College or what career paths they should take- careers in aviation will be amongst the choices.” Mrs. Grant says the tour was not simply a tour where students just look- the tour itself was hands on as students broke into groups and were given mock positions from the General Manager to engineers. They learned how to cut costs, human resource issues, inventory, and other nuisances it takes to run a facility of the size. “This trip really broadened the students’ horizons as to what jobs are available in our local market.”

The principal of CDC, Mrs. Cecilia Rodgers, stated to the Boeing General Manager that, “The children learned a great deal and returned to the school with notes, ideas, and dreams of future opportunities. The Dream Learner Program is a wonderful asset to the educational atmosphere of the Charleston area and certainly proves Boeing’s commitment to education and the region. We are grateful to have such an educationally committed company in Charleston.” Mrs. Rodgers has returned the kind gesture by Boeing by inviting the General Manager and others from the plant to visit the CDA campus, “you and any Boeing colleagues are always welcome to visit The Charleston Development Academy campus whenever convenient. It would be wonderful to have you view the children in their learning environment and participate in a school tour.”

Representative Gilliard ask the teachers at CDA to have the children do a SA on the trip to Boeing, in which they took on the challenge. He has also asked a representative of Boeing to come out and visit the school. Representative Gilliard is now working to get Burke high school students a invite to the plant so they also can have the same experience as the students from CDA academy. While some are taught about working in Hotels and restaurants that’s good as far as being a teenager and needing to learn good work ethics at a young age. but as far as advancing his or her skills for the future and hopefully earning livable wages and good benefits this is surly the way to start !  Boeing should be highly commended for what they are doing in the area of preparing our children for the future. The forty kids that went on that trip were very excited about their future possibilities, now that Dream Learner took them off to a new horizon! And as he stated, {Rep. Gilliard}, for these children this is a flight that will never land. 






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