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Guns In Schools
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Irreplaceable Pearls

By Hakim Abdul-Ali

My heart is heavy as I attempt to write this article because of my reflection about the motiveless tragedy that fell upon the community of Newtown, Connecticut last Friday.

You probably already know what I’m referring to. The news of the senseless slaughter of 20 precious children and 6 staff members at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown has rocked the nation and rest of the rational world with shock and horror.

For lack of expedient words to describe the brutality upon those departed souls, the creative wordsmith in me simply looks at all of them as “Irreplaceable Pearls.” That’s what they are in   reflective proper respect for their illustrious memories.

One of this community’s own citizens, twenty-year- old Adam Lanza, cowardly entered the elementary school last Friday and opened fire with an assault-type rifle and a high-powered hand gun killing 20 young first-grade children and six staff members, including the principal of Sandy Hook Elementary School.

Prior to the crazed gunman’s gruesome deeds, he blasted away his own mother, apparently while she slept in their $1.9 million dollar home. He subsequently committed suicide by firing a bullet into his head, killing himself when law enforcement authorities entered the elementary school in response to his sinister actions.

There’s much rage that the nation is uptight about concerning this gutless act, especially since the innocent slaughter of young children were concerned. The total death toll surrounding this tragedy amounted to 28, including Mrs. Lanza and her deranged son, who had been described as being autistic, suffering from Asperger’s syndrome and an extremely sociopathic individual.

Unfortunately, the story behind this horrendous story is far from new to American eyes and ears. It’s been happening, to one degree or the other, all over the bald eagle’s landscape in sporadic waves for, again, far too long.

From Colorado to Wisconsin to Connecticut and beyond, some “colored” folk in America’s love affair and combustible obsession with guns has now prompted a national approach about the issue of gun control. It’s maddening and sad to say and see, but the United States of America of today has become like the vintage Dodge Cities of the old wild, wild, Western days of “his-storical” yesterday.

America is a wonderful country with some real down-to-earth good “hue-mans” from diverse ethnicities and each with respectful religious traditions, who strive day and night to live by the golden rule of respect for all. Thank God Alone for these truly good Americans, who understand what freedom, justice and equality for all is all about.

On the other side of the American scale of citizenry, there are some violent, confused and misguided “colored” folk among us all. The Sandy Hook School massacre reminds of some of these twisted mind-sets, who exist within the corridors of the neglected ghettoes, forgotten barrios and exclusive enclaves called the suburbs that permeate the salad bowl demographics of this vast country.

To say the least we, as a people, have some real problems that need immediate attention and spiritual addressing. The so-called real politicians (and the fake “poly-trickistains”) had better wake up and stop playing ethnic mind games, hopefully, seeing that there’s something wrong in some of the laws who has guns. Maybe, in doing that these elected officials will be able to tell why gun justice is sometimes colorblind when it comes to the permanent underclass of the nation.

In thinking about writing this piece I’m reminded of the murder rate in inner city Chicago is near 500 as I completed this line. That bothers me as a “hue-man,” a citizen, and an ethnic thinking brother of color, because all “colored” folks are born special by the Most High Alone and, in many ways, they deserve the right to live a life where freedom, justice and equality is a practiced actuality as opposed to words written on a  piece of paper.

Those precious first graders and educators of Sandy Hook Elementary School, who died, are most assuredly “Irreplaceable Pearls.” My heart goes out to the parents, family, friends and loved ones of all the deceased of Newtown in their personal and collective grief.

They will be missed in ways that only god Alone knows. We have to pray in our community for their cooperative spiritual healing and understanding in these most difficult of trying times for them.

The Newtown community should know that the rest of America is with them is they deal with the enormity of their ordeal. It is an unspeakable time in this country’s portrayal as it serves as the democratic beacon light of truth and righteousness for the world to emulate.

Our country is potentially greater than we sometimes lay claim to be. America is a country where faith in God is the clarion expression of spiritual strength, even in moments such as these that are gripping at the tender fabric of our somber temperament.

I offer condolences to the memories of the brave staff, who stood in harm’s to protect the tender “Irreplaceable Pearls” of Sandy Hook Elementary School.  They are and were courageous heroines who truly were (and are) icons of valor. May the Creator Alone have mercy on their souls because they made the greatest sacrifice of their lives to protect the “Irreplaceable Pearls” of Sandy Hook Elementary School.

In conclusion, when I saw some of the beautiful and handsome faces of the slain children I couldn’t help but think of all the world’s children who live daily in harm’s way every moment of their lives. They, too, are “Irreplaceable Pearls, ”forever challenged by maniacal rulers and despots of indecencies, who kill their futures just as assiduously as Adam Lanza did to the innocent and unsuspecting children and staff of Sandy Hook Elementary School last week.

In some ways I remember what a good friend of mine said to me after last week’s horrific incident. He related, in his opinion, guns don’t kill people; it’s the people, who use guns improperly, that kill and brings about situations like last Friday’s tragedy.

I know that the gun control battle will politically begin to rage with opponents and proponents, on both side of the fence, “arming” themselves to do battle in this most heated of contentious debates. That’s all well and good, but I hope when they get ready to battle that they remember those “Irreplaceable Pearls” of the Newtowns and other American locales that have been affected by totally wanton crazies and insane kooks, who've caused so much unmentionable hurt and pain that mere words can’t or will never convey. That’s “As I See It.”






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