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Optical Dreams

It’s said that you are what you think that you are whenever you start to digest a thought about your present circumstances or future endeavors.


That general thought makes me think of how you and I, along with the rest of “hue-manity,” are faced with making our dreams and desires come to fruition. For some “colored” inhabitants of earth it’s a rather uncomplicated process, and for some others, it’s truly a daunting and ominous task.


I don’t know whether you’re into thinking about this topic today, but that’s what I’ll attempt to address as I’m thinking about “Optical Dreams.”  Please forgive me as I take a few moments of your time to discuss the probability of applying affirmative thinking to our mind-sets.


I can’t really tell you why the theme of “Optical Dreams” popped into my head, but I’m a creative writer and this is what I do. You see, I am always trying to understand the mysteries of given realities of life as revealed by God Alone.


In a way we must all be visionaries of the highest ilk in order to understand our pristine natures and our, subsequent, mundane quests for accomplishments in this life. It takes work to be a positive dreamer, thinker and ultimate visionary to achieve what we want in and out of this life.


The old adage that boldly proclaims that “so as a man (or woman) thinketh, and so does his, or her, dreams become realities when he, or she, ‘sees’ what they want and put those visions to work,” then it’s a done deal. Of course, it takes a lot more than mere lip service to tackle our futuristic desires.


In my life I’ve come to accept the fact that there are two types, or ways, of seeing a thing and bringing it into fruition. One way is by use of the eyes, and the other is with the mind.


When someone can’t understand that premise it’s like they are blind in a sightless way of looking at the way life gives us the rewards of our labors and dreams. Some of us are really “blinded” by our lack of having positive “Optimal Dreams.”


In my respectful view these lost souls are the real blind ones in “hue-manity,” who will not see the reality behind understanding possessing “Optimal Dreams.” Having the understanding of today’s theme is to (always) keep one’s eyes and mind wide open.


Are you with me, or are you thinking with your eyes shut and mind closed? These are moderately subjective questions, but they define the aura behind what makes a successful visionary more than a speculative dreamer in life.


I’ve been blessed to have met and known many legitimately sightless “hue-mans,” and they have taught me so much more about life through their non-existing physical seeing eyes. These extremely wise souls have taught me that the legally blind many times “see” and understand more things about life and striving through difficulties than many so-called “colored” folk with sight.


Being a student of life, I’ve relished my past experiences with the legally blind “hue-mans,” who I’ve been fortunate enough to learn some things from. In a strange way just being around them made understand why it was, and is, so important to keep my own “seeing” eyes and inquiring mind open at all times.


That’s so crucial in applying a little integrity in comprehending the wisdom behind “Optical Dreams” as my mind races to reflective thoughts of past desires, now fulfilled in my present life. I’m reminding myself how bless it is to thank the Creator Alone for being in the here and now.


That spiritual mental atmosphere helps me realize that “Optical Dreams” for all successful “hue-mans,” in attaining their dreams, is really about them using their spiritual eyes to see things that they want to accomplish. The world’s great achievers of color are the ones who used their optical mental gifts to see those things they desired, or dreamed, about.


I believed firmly that after “seeing” them, these victorious “our-storical” and “his-storical” beings of ethnicity, made friends with and out of their dreams. It’s “love-love” winning formula that works all the time because “constructive, optimistic thoughts are synonymous to thriving, flourishing actions.”


You have to become a friend to your positive desires in order to defeat latent negativity that lurks around the corners in some of our minds and thoughts. Always “keep your mind open and employ ‘Optical Vision’ wherever possible.”


As you process that thought please remember that everyone in nature is created uniquely different. As such, I also must state that no two “hue-mans” may see things the same way, and that includes you and me.


Look at what “our-story” and “his-story” tells us about what those great achievers of yesteryear and today accomplished through “Optimal Dreams” to bring about this or that invention or achievement that has benefitted the overall good of “hue-manity.” They did so because they kept their mind on the object of their mental visions and desires.


 I call it “Optical Dreaming,” and it sure does work. And that’s why I like being around positive “colored” folk more than I feel comfortable around negative abstract thinkers. Take it or leave it, that’s where my inner vibes are at.


The positive “colored” folk in my present worlds of existences help me stay focused on practicing “Optimal Dreaming” to the very best of my intentions. They subliminally remind me that I must always keep my eyes and mind open with steadfast faith and humility.


Do the “colored” folk in your present realms of existences do the same for you, or are you left to soldier another boring moment in the company of fools? Please don’t answer unless you want to do something about your present and future realities.


I’m being direct because many of the real good things in our lives are ahead of us, and to attain them we must keep our collective eyes and minds open. As you read on you must be aware that we are always challenged to “keep the faith” in seeing and doing the positive things in life in making our “Optimal Dreams” become realities.


I hope you are doing that and, if you do (and are), be diligent and persistent in “seeing” that your dreams becomes realties. There’s always one awesome way to learn and grow in order to keep “seeing” that those realities are assurances.


Remember, though, that your “eyes” are only half of the process to accomplish your realities. To “see” with your mind is the other half in practicing “Optical Dreaming.” for today, that’s, “As I See It.”



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