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North Charleston Police
Do you think that the North Charleston Police Department has taken appropriate steps towards reform a year after the Walter Scott shooting?
Letter to the Editor


Visitor Comments

Submitted By: Edward Francis Submitted: 5/15/2013
I have been working with men in the local detention center since February and I would like to know how can we stop the continual misuse of the Child Support system. I have worked with several men within the jail that have expressed their displeasure of how they are continually being placed in jail with the expectation that once they get out (for most of them in 6 months), that they are expected to find a source of income, pay the back pay on their child support, and keep their way of living if they have a family. These gentlemen are given two months to find work, and for some of them they cannot find work, because they have to explain to their potential employer why their job history has a six month gap on the application. Many of these men feel that they are being victimized by the system for simply, money. Many are already working through temp agency's and once they lose the job that they have been working through that agency they are unable to go back to that job because of thei

Submitted By: John el-amin Submitted: 5/21/2014
The question you put forth makes a lot of sense. For 6 months , the taxpayers must provide support for the incarcerated father, for 6 months the employer has a shortage of employees, for 6 months reduced tax revenue results because the father is imprisoned and for 6 months the children have no one income from the father. No one wins, except for the operators of the prison system. The public does not benefit, it seems. And when the father gets out, the family or children have lost 6months of economic support.

Submitted By: Jeannine Siembida Submitted: 6/10/2015
Letter to the Editor On behalf of International Paper and the 650+ employees working at our Georgetown, SC paper mill, I want to express our support for Trade Promotion Authority (TPA). We applaud U.S. Senators Lindsey Graham and Tim Scott for voting in favor of the Bipartisan Congressional Trade Priorities and Accountability Act of 2015 (TPA-2015) last month. We urge the U.S. House of Representatives to work to advance TPA legislation as soon as possible. TPA is critical to completing trade agreements that open new markets for South Carolina paper, pulp and packing products. In 2014, International Paper exported nearly 23% of its U.S. manufactured products while importing into the U.S. market less than 0.001% (67 tons) of what we manufactured overseas. Approximately 7,300 U.S. jobs are linked to exports and there are about 4,500 of our small and medium supplier companies also linked to trade. Right here in Georgetown, we export 60% of the products we make to customers in Asia, Eu

Submitted By: Stanley Barnes Submitted: 6/20/2015
Tear the Confederate Swastika down. South Carolina is a state of the United States, not one of were born in the CSA, you have no "heritage" to that loser organization unless that's how you want to identify yourselves. South Carolina fired the first shot in the War of Rebellion, marched out to defend an abominable institution and promptly got its ass kicked. There are many white Union soldiers laying in the fields of Gettysburg who gave their last full measure of devotion to pull it down, as there are United States soldiers in the fields of Normandy to pull the Nazi symbol down.

Submitted By: Emzy Veazy III Submitted: 7/2/2015
I am long overdue to visit Charleston, South Carolina. My intent has been for many years. To those grieving at Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church and throughout our vast country, the tragic sent out a sign (oracle) with in-depth hidden meanings to understood beyond the ordinary. Part of it is awake call from our ancestors to honor the scared trust and honor unto which our ancestors pledged beyond the grave. Long live Denmark Vesey and his collaborators. America, business as usual is no more. If this letter is published, then bear in mind that I got the message because of 9/11. Below Vesey Street in Manhattan in New York City was damaged except for Trinity Episcopal Church in the Wall Street area. Two "Vesey" signs are beyond the common. Ask what the Vesey significance is telling us. You will receive your answers. As Hon. Rev. Adam Clayton Powell, Jr. used to say, "Keep the faith, baby!"

Submitted By: wesley cutler Submitted: 7/6/2015
South Carolinian's can't afford another SCE&G rate hike.The proposed 2.8% rate hike request if approved by the public service commission will add almost $4.00 to your monthly bill to pay for construction.Your monthly bill will have jumped 31% in 6 short years.S.C. families haven't seen that type of return in their savings and investments,Seniors living on fixed income,haven't received larger than normal cost of living increase.Please get involved and mail a letter of complaint to the following address Public Service Commission of S.C. Docket # 2015-103-E Suite 100 Columbia,S.C. 29210 On or Before July 21,2015

Submitted By: Wesley Cutler Submitted: 8/3/2015
Filing period for Charleston Mayor,City Council Seats are open. 6 of city council 12 seats are up for re-election districts 1,3,5,7,9 and 11.Filing period runs through August 17th.Now is the time to make a difference.You could be the ONE!!!!!!!!!

Submitted By: Wesley Cutler Submitted: 8/12/2015
Simple Question:Complain,Complain.To express grief,dissatisfaction,grumble.Election time is here. Who's running in North Charleston and Charleston Race for a new Mayor.If you want change you have to run and VOTE or stop complaining.Candidates now is filing time.Be like a Marine the proud,the few.Step Up.

Submitted By: Ted Cozart Submitted: 1/2/2016
Dear Editor, Your article on Charleston County School District's disparities is very alarming to those of us who love education and see it as a means to upgrade our lives and the lives of our children In almost all studied areas achievement of our children have gone down between 2007 thru 2014. One statistic says 21% of 8th grade students are reading at a 4th grade level. About 21% of black students passed advanced placement tests. Only 3% qualified for South Carolina Lifetime Scholarships. Dear Editor, we thank you for this expose'. But it would be interesting to hear what principals and teachers have to say about our educational failings and what they need to turn this around. One step would be for energetic community oriented people representing us on the Charleston County School Board. The $18 million shortfall could have been used to educate our students. let us keep these major concerns in our Community at the forefront. Ted Cozart Former Constituency School Board Memb

Submitted By: Ted Cozart Submitted: 6/26/2016
Last week there were three important meetings in North Charleston, two by the Office of Civil Rights and one by the NAACP Legal Defense Fund. The NAACP, along with Black Lives Matter, was looking to detail abuses and practices committed by the North Charleston Police Department with the idea of having a Civil Rights investigation of the Police Department similar to that carried on Ferguson, Missouri. The Civil Rights Office was trying to establish a Civilian Review Board to inspire better community relations. The NAACP’s meeting was very vocal as people complained of unfair police stops, economic disparities, and were quite vocal about administration leadership that is negatively impacting the black community. The Office of Civil Rights’ meetings had to due with finding new members for the Police Review Board and whether an old ineffective Review Board should be grandfathered into the new Board. Also, many people were concerned that the new Board was going to be picked by City Council members who might be more responsive to the Council than to members of the community. An overall comment might be that the NAACP and Black Lives Matter truly document the cases of excess and abuse that were mentioned at the meeting and bring them to the Police Department to see if the Department would respond in a fair and transparent manner. I think that a Police Review Board that is fair and outspoken will help people in the community to feel that their complaints are addressed and in many ways clear up some of the frustration that is affecting the Black Community. A final meeting discussing the final draft for the Police Review Board will be announced shortly. We encourage all community members to look forward to the announcement and attend the meeting.

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