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Living with chronic pain? Find the right help
When a person is in pain, he or she will seek options to attempt to reduce the pain or make it go away entirely. For minor pains like headaches, muscle aches and small wounds, often over-the-counter drugs can help reduce the suffering. But people with chronic pain may have to search for other solutions. A pain physician, like an anesthesiologist, is a patient's best solution provider for treating chronic pain conditions.
For chronic hepatitis C patients and their doctors, treatment discussions shouldn't wait
For the estimated 3.2 million Americans living with chronic hepatitis C, talking to a physician about treatment options for the disease now is an important first step. Untreated chronic hepatitis C may lead to serious health consequences, including cirrhosis - or permanent scarring of the liver - liver failure and liver cancer.
Diabetic nerve pain is different than a muscle ache or sprained ankle
One of the most common complications of diabetes is diabetic peripheral neuropathy (DPN), a form of nerve damage. More than one in five people with diabetes experiences painful DPN, also known as diabetic nerve pain, as a direct result of this nerve damage. But despite its prevalence, there are many people who go untreated and do not realize the pain they are feeling is related to their diabetes.
Health watch: Superbug infections putting more at risk
As new medical breakthroughs emerge, the role of antibiotics has also evolved and helped patients dealing with anything from ear infections to serious lung infections like pneumonia. However, antibiotics are not foolproof. Bacteria, when exposed to antibiotic drugs, can learn how to resist them. These resistant bacteria are known as superbugs, which are harder for antibiotics to kill. Here's what you need to know.
Protecting your paycheck - for today and tomorrow
People insure their homes, their cars and even their vacations without giving it a second thought. But many do not think about insuring their most important asset - their income - from a disability caused by illness or injury. And it's not just income during working years that is at risk. A disability can also put a serious dent in your ability to enjoy retirement.
New technologies offering hope for those with tinnitus - or ringing in the ears
If you experience a constant ringing in your ears that's bothersome at best and debilitating at worst, you are far from alone. Tinnitus affects roughly one in five Americans and about 16 million people have serious tinnitus that requires medical attention. It's also the most common disability for military veterans, since it can be caused by extended exposure to loud noise.
Diet rich in nutrients promotes a lifetime of healthy vision
From dry eye to age-related eye diseases, research shows that nutrition plays a critical role in maintaining the health of our eyes. Caring for eyes includes looking carefully at what you eat.
Boomers turning 65 face complex healthcare choices
Every day, about 10,000 baby boomers turn 65 and become eligible for Medicare. Not everyone will sign up, but it's important to understand the importance of early choices when enrolling in Medicare for the first time.
Listen up: For better hearing, work with an audiologist
When it comes to startling health statistics, here are several you may not have heard: 36 million American have a hearing loss, yet only one out of every four people who could benefit from a hearing aid actually wears one. The first step for finding the right hearing aid is to see an audiologist.
Improving family connections with better hearing
Does this sound familiar? You tell your spouse all about the aggravating thing that happened at work today. He or she seems to be nodding in agreement, until you ask what you should do about the situation. Your spouse's response? "Um - could you repeat that?"
Staying at the top of your game
We feel our best when we do our best. At the top of our game is where we all want to be. This is as true in the workplace as it is on the basketball court. But to stay at the top of your game at work and in life, you need to stay primed - ready for that next big play. It requires staying alert; keeping your skills sharp; and hearing your best. That's right - hearing your best. Listening is one of the top skills employers look for in those being promoted.
Helping the brain use alternative fuel may ease symptoms of Alzheimer's
Whether a patient faces a simple health problem, such as a head cold, or one as complex as Alzheimer's disease, relieving the symptoms is often as important as resolving the issue itself. Yet for the more than 5 million Americans affected by Alzheimer's, treating the symptoms is even more vital.
Surprising ways older drivers can stay safer on the road
For baby boomers and beyond, a lot has changed since they first received their drivers' license, from car technology and traffic rules, to even road conditions. Many older drivers are taking a proactive approach to staying safe on the road. Most wear a seat belt - 77 percent of drivers age 65 and older according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention - and most obey the speed limit and avoid the road when conditions are bad. But a few surprising steps can help older drivers stay even safer.
Four simple tips to better hearing
Staying socially active and engaged with friends and family is important as people age, and hearing well is crucial to making that happen. New research shows that hearing loss is associated not only with a range of physical problems, but also mental health problems such as social isolation and even dementia.
Don't let these myths rain on your retirement party
Do you dream of the day you can retire, but aren't sure how to get there? You're not alone. Many people find it easier to avoid reality when it comes to planning for retirement. Here's a look at five common myths that could derail your expectations for income when you retire.
Safety tips for seniors: reducing risk, increasing peace of mind
If you're just entering retirement, chances are you have many years of good health and independence ahead. But the normal aging process still brings limitations that we all need to prepare for - such as slower reaction times and declining vision - which can lead to accidents and injuries. Many accidents are preventable though, and you can take simple measures to enhance your safety as you age.
Science fiction is now science fact: There's hope for aging eyes with macular degeneration
Imagine what it's like to slowly lose your vision over time - until one day you no longer can read, see the faces of loved ones or participate in your favorite hobbies. Severe vision loss is a reality for people with age-related macular degeneration (AMD), a disease of the retina that affects more than 9.1 million people in the United States. But now there's hope, and although it may seem like science fiction, it's reality.
Bathroom upgrades that boost livability for anyone aging in place
Staying safely in their own home as they grow older is a major concern for many Americans. If you plan to live independently at home for as long as possible, making a few simple changes in the bathroom can help you do so more comfortably and safely. Here are a handful of cost-effective changes that can help facilitate aging in place.
Lou Gehrig's Disease stalks military veterans
Many U.S. military veterans like retired Air Force Technical Sergeant David Masters of Omaha, Neb. have bravely fought for their country only to return home to wage another battle against Lou Gehrig's Disease. No one knows why, but veterans are twice as likely to develop this fatal disease clinically known as amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS).
Foot care tips to keep you moving while on vacation
Decongestant, check. Sunscreen, check. Antacids, check. So you're going on vacation and your bag is well-stocked with remedies for every illness that could possibly derail your good time - from sunburn to an upset stomach. While you're taking steps to preserve your good health on vacation, don't overlook the body part that will carry you through all that fun: your feet.
DIY for your IRA: What you should know about self-directing
Ups and downs in the current market and recent corporate and banking scandals have prompted many people to seek ways to have more control over their retirement funds. Self-directed IRAs allow consumers to use their knowledge and expertise to invest in assets beyond stocks, bonds and mutual funds.
Three tips to make your hospital stay safer
Each year, millions of Americans seek hospital care to treat a wide range of medical problems - from accidental injuries to chronic or life-threatening illnesses. While the majority of patients have positive outcomes, it is imperative to remember patient safety should be a top priority for everyone. You can take steps to make sure your hospital stay is as safe as possible.
Boomers: Your credit profiles matter more now than ever
Maintaining a good credit profile is important at all stages of life, even for baby boomers who may have paid off their mortgages and don't anticipate the need for more big-ticket loans. But it's important to remember credit scores are used for more than just borrowing money, and you never know when an opportunity or emergency might pop up where credit is needed.
Baby boomers and driving vision - maintaining safety and independence
It is estimated that by 2030, nearly one in five adults will be 65 and older, and nearly double the 40 million today by 2050. This will lead to a significant increase in older adults driving vehicles for both necessity and pleasure. Unfortunately vision, cognitive skills and motor functions decline as we age. Here's what you need to know to keep your vision health in top shape, particularly while on the road driving.
Nursing home admissions avoided with simplified prescription packaging
Numerous factors impact a senior's ability to live independently, such as health and memory problems, mobility issues, and care coordination concerns. Often overlooked is the fact that one quarter of all nursing home admissions are the result of poor medication adherence.
Top tips for avoiding injury and strain while gardening
Fresh packets of seeds, the dirt between your fingers, and the smell of freshly churned earth - gardening season has officially begun. Whether you're a seasoned green thumb or a newbie to home planting, gardening is a great activity that provides both physical and mental health benefits. But one unwelcome part of taking up gardening as a hobby is the potential for strain and injury. Follow these tips and you'll get the most out of your garden and avoid hurting yourself.
Baby boomers and age-related eye disease
As the population continues to age at an unprecedented rate, the concern about age-related eye disease comes more into focus.
Four health checks every woman must do - for herself and those she loves
American women spend more time taking care of their families, homes and jobs than themselves. Women who consider themselves generally in good health and who are very busy may be less inclined to stay on schedule with important health checks. Here are four health checks every woman should have.
Hearing aid technology takes a giant leap forward
It's no secret that today's hearing aids are light years ahead of the hearing aids made just a decade ago. In fact, in size, shape, and technological advances, the changes in hearing aids have been nothing short of amazing. For example, new micro-processor technology has allowed hearing aids to be so tiny, they can sit on a fingertip; and at the same time, provide a remarkably natural-sounding hearing experience.
Laser spine surgery helps seniors find relief from lumbar spinal stenosis
Do you have lower back pain or burning pain or numbness in your legs? Are these symptoms slightly relieved by leaning forward or sitting, but made worse by standing up straight or walking? You may have lumbar spinal stenosis (LSS).
Aging-in-place upgrades that look great and make sense
Do the words "aging in place" and "home improvement" conjure images of institutional-looking grab bars in bathrooms and overhead kitchen lights that could illuminate an airport runway? Here are a handful of aging-in-place upgrades that shout "fabulous" instead of "fogey."
Five super nutrients that help you age well
Parents often use the adage "You are what you eat!" to encourage children to make healthy food choices, but the saying is equally true for mature adults. Providing your body with a variety of nutrients lets you feel your best, and may even prevent disease and help you live longer. Consider these five super nutrients for your diet.
Tips for baby boomers seeking divorce
Baby boomer couples that have been married 25 years or more are divorcing at record rates, according to a recent study by the National Center for Family and Marriage Research at Bowling Green University in Ohio. While overall divorce rates peaked in the 1980s at around 50 percent, divorce among baby boomer couples 50 years or older has doubled over the last 20 years. Here's what you need to know.
Baby boomers: Bathroom updates that increase livability and home value
Baby boomers are a smart group when it comes to home updates. While embracing life today, they fully recognize that in the future, their homes may need upgrades to help them live well and stay safe. The bathroom naturally gets the most attention and for good reason - it's one of the most frequently used rooms in a home and also one with many hazards. Baby boomers are turning towards safer bathing options to support their changing lifestyle including walk-in baths, handicap accessible showers, and other supportive furnishings.
Boomers and beyond: A 5-step action plan for keeping your heart healthy
More baby boomers and older adults are taking a proactive approach to heart health. Living a heart-healthy lifestyle in your golden years and dealing with any type of diagnosis head-on is the smart way to keep your heart pumping strong for many years to come. Following these five easy steps can help you take control.
Simple steps to a healthier heart
For millions of Americans, the battle against heart disease and other cardiovascular conditions goes on year-round. The steps to achieve better heart health can be simple. Experts agree that heart disease can be both preventable and controllable with the appropriate lifestyle changes.
Five reasons Asian Americans should get tested for hepatitis B
More than 1 million Americans have a lifelong, or chronic, infection of hepatitis B. This includes one out of every 12 Asian Americans. If you or your parents were born in Asia or the Pacific Islands, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends that you get tested for hepatitis B.
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