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City Council Passes Additional COVID-19 Protective Measures

At their meeting July 14, Charleston City Council passed a set of additional emergency measures [attached] to protect the community against the spread of COVID-19, which went into effect citywide on July 15, 2020.

 These include:

·       Amended mask requirement clarifying that it applies to all areas of the city

·       Increased penalties for noncompliance

·       50% capacity in bars and restaurants

·       No amplified music after 9 p.m.

·       Provision allowing businesses to refuse to serve customers who fail to wear mask after being informed of the ordinance and provided a copy

·       Businesses will be subject to penalties for failure to comply with capacity and music restrictions

·       Added enforcement by the Fire Marshal, Charleston Police Department and Building Inspections Division, in addition to Livability Code Enforcement Officers


The following regulations will remain in effect throughout the city of Charleston:

·       No alcohol service after 11 p.m.

·       Restrictions on senior and correctional facilities

·       Movie theaters and public venues closed

·       Authority granted to law enforcement to dispense gatherings of 3 or more

·       Masks are required in all public indoor spaces and within 6 feet of others outdoors

·       No social gatherings of 10 or more on city property

·       Retail businesses are required to post social distancing signage and one-way aisle markings


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