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Pandemonium and Pandemic

By Beverly Gadson-Birch

I have been around a few corners or two in my life and listened to many opinions—some I agree with and others I flat out disagree with. I have been writing this column for some forty years. When I decided to write a weekly column, it was intended to inform and not conform to the normalcy of society. My articles integrate humor to pull in readers. As far-fetched as some of my articles may seem, I do not make any of this stuff up. I am not a fiction or romanticist writer. I am a realist.

Each day, the number of persons affected by Covid-19 is increasing and the death toll rising due to the pandemic. As I predicted, once states approved the reopening of businesses and beaches in stages, some folks must not have received the memo. Partial reopening for some businesses meant full speed ahead and not practicing social distancing and wearing personal protection equipment. While masks maybe optional for some folks, it is mandatory for me. There is a lot taking place in the country. Police killings of unarmed blacks are on the rise. Protestors have taken to the streets in record numbers chanting “Black Lives Matter”. Confederate statues and monuments are being removed from their lofty perch. The history of colleges, schools, buildings and street names that bear confederate names are being reviewed for possible name changes

It really is a lot to deal with. Amidst the pandemonium and pandemic, this country has a President of the worst kind. He speaks before he thinks. He does not know truth if it stares him in the face. He fires those who do not support his bullying approach to politics. He has created a greater divide between the races which is the last thing this country needs. How are we ever going to heal the wounds of over 400 years of slavery with so much hatred flowing down from the top? It is evident that #45 has created an atmosphere that has ignited and fanned the flames of discord generating racial tensions and even murders. Lynching is on the rise. A noose was found in the garage stall of NASCAR driver, Bubba Wallace, the only black driver. Wallace was instrumental in banning the Confederate flag at NASCAR’s race tracks. Where am I going with this?

More people with obscured racial views are coming out of the woodworks. Hunting season has been declared on people of color. One of my politician friends who supported the removal of John C. Calhoun statute received a text from a white lady wanting to know what” you people” want and other demeaning comments. Who are “you people”? Are we not included in “we the people”? Ironically, I just wrote an article on “we the people” and now I have to deal with “you people”. Stay tuned next week for insight on who “you people” really are!  Ms. Privilege and other segregationists are blinded by perception and not reality. “Black Lives do matter” and “all lives matter”.

Pandemonium and Pandemic surrounding Covid-19 brought out the best and worst in folks. Let’s concentrate on the best in us. No one is born a racist. It is learned behavior. No one likes to be labeled a racist; but if you are, own it. It is the first step towards cleansing! The time for hiding behind “used to be” is over. A new kid name “what is” has arrived on the block. The time for racial division is out. Blacks have been brainwashed, misinformed, abused used and accused for over 400 years. It is time to write a new chapter on a new America and a new world devoid of racial divide and ideology.

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