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The Measure of a President

Dr. E. Faye Williams

By Dr. E. Faye Williams, Esq

( – As a student of philosophical principles, I am aware of the school of thought that does not believe in the existence of “NORMAL” as a universal state of being. A testament to that idea is the fact that each of us has a unique set of experiences that shape differences in our definitions of normal. However, living among others with as little conflict as possible requires a standard of conduct with written and unwritten principles to which most consent. We label those who do not consent or who behave outside of the parameters which we consider in order as abnormal or, more commonly as criminals.

A RESPONSIBLE HUMAN’s comportment reflects character, honor and is respectful of the personage and rights of those with whom she/he must interact. Without those character traits it’s unlikely that any person could rightly ascend to a position of LEADERSHIP. I define a LEADER as one who assesses the impact of circumstances upon a group and, through the powers of discernment, persuasion and/or inspiration, navigates and guides that group to/through a course of action that results in the greatest benefit for that group.

Not all Presidents of the United States have conducted themselves as responsible humans. An even smaller number have demonstrated qualities of leadership that have been predicated on the “common good.” The implications of their leadership (enlightened, dishonorable, failed or otherwise) set the tone for their time in office and beyond. It is expected and hoped that anyone willing to run for the office has a character rooted in the foundations of honesty, selflessness, character and compassion. Until now, we have generally rejected an abject liar, a person devoid of compassion, and one motivated only by self-interest. Somehow, the current officeholder slinked in the door.

I know many sycophants of #45 will vehemently reject my assessment of their ‘boy,’ but facts support my position. These facts are no longer based in “he said, she said” dialogues. His current incompetence has now resulted in the loss of American lives. Lives lost that he is supposed to value above all others. Lives for which he is expected subordinate personal interests and which he is expected to defend. Lives which depend on his leadership. Lives which he has abandoned at the altar of “What’s Good for Trump.”

Failing the creation of a comprehensive or cogent national strategy to combat COVID-19, #45 has begun to ‘reinvent’ his belief that COVID-19 will miraculously “disappear.” Failing to set an example of behavior endorsed by medical science, he presents to the public without masking and ridicules those who do. Simultaneously, he lies to the American public, stating that “more testing creates more infections” and that infections are on the decline.

Meanwhile, the US, whose population is roughly 5% of the world’s population, has suffered 25% of COVID-19 worldwide fatalities.

#45’s most recent and most egregious act is his ongoing and public support of Vladimir Putin while US intelligence sources have disclosed that Russia paid bounties to the Taliban for the lives of US servicemembers serving in combat in Afghanistan. According to sources, Taliban combatants were paid $100,000 per each American life.

Once again, #45 does not believe US Intelligence sources and labels reports of bounties as “fake news” and “a hoax.” He has laid these American lives on the altar of his reelection.

These are just two of the myriad offenses of character and leadership he presents to us. After assessing the carnage in the wake of his disastrous term of office, is there anything he can offer us in a second term that will justify the butchery of his first term? The choice is yours! It can only be made with your vote!!

Dr. E. Faye Williams is National President of the National Congress of Black Women. She hosts “Wake Up and Stay Woke” on WPFW-FM 89.3 radio.

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