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Former Educator Commends Jon Hale For Article Published In The Chronicle

Luther Seabrook

To The Chronicle:

I wish to commend Jon Hale on his column published in the Charleston Chronicle. It was well written. I wish I had been so well taught.

Unlike Mr. Hale, I was exposed to a travesty of learning. My education focused on the inherent power of white males in Charleston. The mission of the school was to prepare its students to live a life of institutional powerlessness and contradictions. I learned my lessons well. I haven’t been lynched yet.

The task for the anti-racist racist is to work in the white community to bring about change. Does a Black man have any rights in South Carolina that a white man need respect? What is the price of a Black man’s life? Are there any designated lynchers within the police department? Is there bounty paid for each killing? A policeman stating, “I feared for my life,” to get out of jail free is the law in South Carolina.

When I see the President, especially at his staged rallies, I am reminded of the Italian leader, Mussolini, during World War II. This raging, raving tyrant, who often lied to his people, appears to be a model for our President.  I fear him. The Republicans in Congress also appear to fear him.  The need to coalesce is strong. We must save our country.

I say to the youth of our country of all hues, you have the power. You are so beautiful, so committed, we failed you in the 60s. We will not fail you today. We have your backs, so march on, march on, you may be our last hope. The power at this time, is within the white community. The process of change has already begun. The symbols of white oppression are rapidly falling. Working together, we can make Charleston the best city in South Carolina. We must coalesce to make it so.

Luther W. Seabrook, Ed.D

2430 Kendall Drive

Charleston, SC

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