New Book Gives Women ‘A Chance to Believe’


Jaquay Washington

For every woman dealing with the burdens of her past, she can begin to move forward with “A Chance to Believe” by Jaquay Washington. This is a new book for women seeking mental peace while confidently dealing with their past.

In “A Chance to Believe,” readers will be introduced to Jasmine—a broken woman who is trying to erase the memories of her traumatic past. In order to experience the joy of healing, Jasmine must work through the setbacks in her life.

“[Jasmine’s] setbacks are nine obstacles which deters many of us from moving forward,” Washington said. “But as a result of perseverance, she will overcome each hurdle. And, this is when readers will learn of the three comebacks…to take over your life.”

By profession, Jaquay Washington is a Licensed Counselor. However, the Mount Pleasant native and new author was able to pen Jasmine’s story by reflecting upon personal experiences and encounters with other women.

“There were times when I told myself this could be a journal entry instead of a book, but I kept writing,” she added. “I continued writing as I began to think about my encounters with different women who’ve been unable to move forward.  So, I wrote this for them and many others who continue to struggle with hurt, pain, and confusion.”

Her book also includes a special foreword from LaVondilyn Watson San Kitts, of FIA Faith Builder, who said, “It is my prayer that this book will give you just that – a chance to believe that you can move forward, a chance to believe that you can feel whole and healthy. Prepare your heart and mind my friend. Settle in and take this journey toward healing.”

“A Chance to Believe” will be the start of a new journey for many women. Pre-orders will be available July 7-18. The official book release is on August 1. To celebrate the beginning of their comeback, all pre-order sales will include:

  • A signed copy
  • VIP Meet & Greet (Invite Only) to “A Chance to Believe” Virtual Book Release

“A Chance to Believe” will be available for $18 at; shipping included.  For more information, email [email protected] or visit the website.

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