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“We Have Done Nothing” – Rep. JA Moore Reflects on Emanuel AME Shooting, Five Years Later

Rep. JA Moore

On June 16, the eve of five year mark of the Emanuel AME church shooting in Charleston, Rep. JA Moore, who lost his sister in the attack, believes nothing has fundamentally changed to dismantle systemic racism in the United States since then.

“After my sister and eight others were killed, we took down a flag,” Rep. Moore said. “But that was it. We have done nothing else to address institutional racism in our society. What happened to George Floyd last month and Rayshard Brooks last week is evidence of that.”

Following the murder of George Floyd by police officers in Minneapolis and the protests that followed, Rep. Moore has made a series of proposals to address injustices in South Carolina, known as the “Moore Justice Agenda.” The proposals include:

-Requiring implicit bias training for police officers

-Making the police force look reflective of the community in terms of race and gender

-Incentivizing police officers to live in the communities they police through tax incentives and low interest loan programs. 

-Selecting citizen review boards independent of the department or agency they are investigating.

-Ending the 1033 program to demilitarize the police.

-Increasing investments in SNAP

-Ending the school-to-prison pipeline

-Creating more access to capital for black and other minority-owned businesses

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