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An Invitation To A Unique Virtual Summer Camp Experience Celebrating The 100th Anniversary Of The Harlem Renaissance Through The Artistry Of The Artists That Shaped The Period

The historic community of Harlem is in the midst of the Centennial Celebration of the Harlem Renaissance, and the Harlem School of the Arts (HSA) through its [email protected] platform, has tapped into this prolific epoch to create a unique summer experience for young people ages 5 – 18, that captures and brings to life the richness of that transformational movement. 

The creative team of HSA directors and teaching artists, have incorporated the story of the Harlem Renaissance into the organization’s multidisciplinary curriculum, highlighting the important contributions of African Americans on America’s arts and cultural landscape. From the musical genius of giants like Duke Ellington and Louis Armstrong, to the athleticism and grace of the Nicholas Brothers and Katherine Dunham, to the, playwrights, poets and writers, musical theatre legends of stage and film, and the visual artists who channeled the Black experience into their works on canvas, sculptures and printmaking – this summer is about understanding what gave rise to these phenomenal, legendary and iconic figures and their connection to the arts today.

The directors of each department (dance, music, theatre, art & design), have fused the “rich cross-disciplinary” activities of the Harlem Renaissance, with the excellence of the multidisciplinary training and development that Harlem School of the Arts has become noted for.  Children will explore the importance of the period through the works of the artists, to gain insight on the significant role that the arts played in the assertion of Black pride, and in the freedom of expression as manifested in the music, the dance, the literature and the visual arts that continues to influence generations of creatives.

America’s original art form – Jazz, came of age during the Renaissance and has continued to evolve and expand its reach around the world. Music students, this summer, will be given a special opportunity to become better informed about its origins, the improvisational and collaborative nature of the genre, and the artists who defined its style and popularity.

“For parents looking for a way to expand their children’s cross-cultural exposure in the arts – one that hits the right notes, especially as we witness the growing social justice movement across our country and the need for understanding across racial divides, this is a summer enrichment option parents should consider,” says Eric Pryor, President HSA.

HSA is an organization that was founded in response to the plight of Harlem’s social and political unrest of the 1960s, with the idea that enriching the lives of children through the arts would empower them to become creative thinkers and innovative citizens.  Inspired by its founding principles, at a time when the country is facing a health crisis, and a cry for equality by social justice activists that has spread across the country and around the globe – this invitation to travel back in time, to see how the arts were used as a tool for mending and building community, and forging change, stands as an important teaching moment.

HSA is extending an invitation to all young people, interested in an integrated, culturally rich experience, and who want to expand their perspective and advance their craft by looking back at the lessons of one of the most influential periods in American arts history.  

The Harlem Summer Arts Experience, a virtual multidisciplinary arts program, presented through the [email protected] platform, is now accepting registration. For those interested, information on classes and cost can be found at Classes begin on July 6 and will run for 4 weeks.

SOURCE: Black PR Wire

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