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50 Diverse Children’s Picture Books to Include in Your Home and School Library

Picture books are a wonderful way to start important conversations with your children about our world and the beautiful people in it. It’s important that children connect with images that look like them, and also important to see other people who don’t. I created this list to showcase our colorful world and all the beautiful ethnicities and cultures that define who we are.

Best-selling children’s book author Sharifa T. Anozie, author of “It’s In You: A book for big dreamers”, just completed a special project she is now gifting to the world.

As Sharifa says on her web page, “Here’s a list I curated of 50 DIVERSE CHILDREN’S PICTURE BOOKS to include in your home and school library. It’s a blend of books that have characters from all different backgrounds. It’s important that children read books that feature characters that look like them, and also people who don’t! Our world is filled with so many unique cultures and people. Happy Reading!”

Coffee Creek Media Group is honored that Mrs. Hughes is Missing, by Author/Illustrator Sharon Jones-Scaife was chosen to be a part of this phenomenal list of 50 diverse children’s books!!! These books are in no particular order and include both Indie authors and some traditionally published. This list aims to include books that specifically feature characters of different backgrounds, races, and cultural ethnicities. 

Just click link to download list.


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