America’s Cataclysmic Racial Realities

By Hakim Abdul-Ali

“I can’t breathe” are now iconic words that forever will stick in the minds and hearts of the ever-watchful world. Those infamous words came from an Afro-American named George Floyd, 46, a man who was killed in the Powderhorn community of Minneapolis, Minnesota, on May 25, 2020, while in police custody.

One of the four arresting officers, Derek Chauvin, had placed his knelt knee on Mr. Floyd’s neck for a total of over eight minutes—eight minutes and forty- six-seconds to be exact—during the arresting procedure while Mr. Floyd was screaming that he couldn’t breathe. To the horror and dismay of all who witnessed this debacle, all of the four arresting officers involved seemed immune to Mr. Floyd’s dire outburst and apparent distressed condition, which led to his death.

America and the rest of world became aghast, as this outrageous scenario was clearly caught on camera, and was unfortunately shown revealing and telling so much about the hidden realities of the Black diurnal living experience in the USA. This hideous police action, caught on a cellphone video camera, seemingly exacerbated the nationwide, continuing disrespected and fearful sagas that many in the nation’s so-called minority communities, especially, African-Americans, have to endure at the hands and weaponry of many of this nation’s, sometimes, loose cannons and mentally-fringed vigilante members of the country’s law enforcement agencies.

Before I go any further, let me make it clear that I do not feel, or think, that all of our nation’s law enforcement personnel fit the category of those who were intimately involved with Mr. Floyd’s killing. But, if the truth must be told and it will be by me, the few who are racially biased and have been bigoted towards minorities of all ethnicities, are rotten to the very core of all other decent police officers oaths to uphold the law, forever giving them all, including the good ones, stinking racist reputations of disrespect, negativity, dishonor and distrust from the very communities they are supposed to serve with equal justice and respect for all.

The undeniable “his-storical” fact that the USA is as clandestinely racist as it is shouldn’t be anything new to an aware soul of color living in the 21st century with knowledge of the total Black experiences existing among non folk of color. From the onset of slavery until the present times, the Black male, in particular, has been a target of universal abhorrence, fear, loathing, scorn and dread by White males and their institutional establishments of every imaginable identities, therefore, it’s no surprise that the escalating and very questionable present day harassments, arrests, beatings, killings and cover-up murders in (and outside) the Black communities at the hands of this nation’s political and policing powers are ongoing monitoring and surveillance activities.

Listen very carefully. You know it’s true. This assessment by me is not a political attack statement because it’s a founded truism based on the “his-storical” nature of American society, since it’s very inception as a democracy for all (?) in 1776. If you read the backdrop to The Constitution carefully, African male descendants never were considered to be full “hue-mans” in the image of God, nor were they looked upon as equal participants in that mythical American “home of the free and land of the brave” political storylines that applied to only Euro-Americans and other nominal members of the presumed “The American People” select grouping. That contradictory truism, again, is so painfully and strikingly ominous now as I write my thoughts, just as it was very visibly transparent in America’s pre-Civil War and the Jim Crow days.

No matter how much some ethnically privileged folk today may want to be politically correct about this or that and, in the same breath, be afraid to use the dreaded and despised N-word in open polite circles and airways, the underbellies of America’s cataclysmic inbred racism is (still) very much in existence and fervently growing like unseen partisan weeds in privileged gardens of select alleged utopian democratic flowers.

George Floyd’s shocking death is nothing new to me and, it shouldn’t be, to other aware-minded folk of color, because I, and they instinctively know, that behind some of the so-called “The American People’s” ethnic patriotism rhetoric, there’s an exclusion of and a hatred of America’s Black populace and other folk of color as being real citizens. Yes, I said it, because it’s as true as it can be and, for “historical” proof, you should listen to “all” of the nation’s national anthem, “The Star-Spangled Banner,” by Francis Scott Keys, including the last stanza, which reflected his slave owning sentimentalities and rhetoric.

Do some research and check it out for yourselves and while you do, also check the “his-stories” of all of this country’s emblematic leaders in business, politics, athletics and entertainment. A closer look at the heralded early and celebrated leaders of this nation past make shock you, including how many of its president and politicians, too, owned slaves and were outright racists to the core.

George Floyd’s untimely death makes me think about that and how this nation, as a whole, for the most part, is in many ways all about honoring White racist power elitism and protecting White bigoted privileges worldwide against folk color in every political sphere of military existence. A conscious soul of color knows that I’m not afraid to tell you that because it’s always been that way since slavery times, and it’s still evident today from Memphis to Minneapolis.

The realities of clandestine, operative White supremacy lurks around us in everything you colonially follow, see, do or are programmed to follow through incessant miseducation mills called failing public school systems. If that’s not clearly understood by indoctrinated folk of color by now, then I can’t help you see the mystifying whirlwinds of perpetuated colonial lies, teachings, falsehoods and myths that exists everywhere you turn that benefit the oppressed in no productive norms.

Like the global warming process which is changing the outer atmosphere around us, I believe we need an educational liberation awakening warming process to occur in us all where we all have to be reeducated about democracy without prejudices and biases. It’s a course the folk in Minneapolis and elsewhere wished those four officers, with “qualified immunities,” knew before this tragedy exploded upon the world’s front pages and headlined the television screens.

The fruits of morally intelligent folk from throughout the globe yield and sustain peace and good wishes for others regardless of creed, color or religion. That’s what the potentially great America I’m envisioning after George Floyd devastating murder is supposed to be about, and I feel that way because sound spiritual respect for another “hue-man” being, with only GOD Alone’s directive truth and love, no matter how bitter and difficult it may be to implement, is the “only straight spiritual path” we can take to get us, as a nation, out of the mess American “his-story’s” ancestors and their predecessors made for “The American People.”

Enough said for now. R.I.P. Brother George Floyd. The USA and the world-at-large hasn’t forgotten you and how you died. To all others—be safe and stay healthy. For today and always, that’s, “As I See It.”

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