Doctor & Author/Illustrator Co-Author Children’s Book Explaining Coronavirus in an attempt to Answer Young People’s Questions About the Pandemic

Dr. Jill Waggoner

Dr. Jill Waggoner is a residency trained, board certified Family Practice physician and author. She and friend Sharon Jones-Scaife, an author/illustrator, have teamed up to write and illustrate a new book explaining coronavirus in simple terms for children. Jones-Scaife shared the idea with Dr. Waggoner who loved the concept and was immediately onboard!

The children’s book is called Maddie On A Mission. It carries a message that children can understand, while encouraging teamwork. “Amazing things happen when we all work together,” Jones-Scaife said.

Maddie is disappointed that she can’t go to school until she learns the reason why…a germ is passing from person to person. Maddie must do her part to stop the germ from spreading. But how? And how will her friends help?

Sharon Jones-Scaife

The authors collaborated to write Maddie On A Mission to make it easy for children to understand why their worlds have changed so dramatically in the last few months, and to explain quarantine and social distancing in a story that young people can understand, and enjoy. Dr. Waggoner and Jones-Scaife hadn’t partnered on a project before this one. They wrote the book, commissioned the editing, and Jones-Scaife illustrated it all in the span of 7 days.

“It’s a confusing time for kids right now,” Jones-Scaife said. “Our intention was to give parents a tool to help them navigate through it.” Dr. Waggoner adds, “Children have a lot of questions like, ‘What is a virus?’ ‘When can I see my friends?’ ‘Why do we have to wear a mask?’” Maddie On A Mission explores questions and gives answers to some of the biggest questions that little ones might have about the virus, about staying home and about how to stay safe.

“This book aims to provide a resource to help parents talk to their children about the coronavirus pandemic by discussing germs, quarantine, social distancing, and how staying at home can help to stop the spread of the virus,” Dr. Waggoner said. She concludes: “It will also allow parents to open the discussion in a way that is non-frightening, which can lead to expanding dialogue where children can express their feelings.”

Maddie On A Mission is available in print and eBook at online retailers. Book data follows:

Age range: 4-12 years old
ISBN: 978-1-7340928-4-4
Hardcover: 28 pages
Publication Date: June 3, 2020
Published by Frog Pond Publishing, a division of Coffee Creek Media Group

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