Shoe Repair Shop Owner Calm After Calamity Caused By Rambunctious Rioters

Mrs. Doris Dixon (seated) surrounded by volunteers

By Barney Blakeney

In business nearly 50 years and located at 536 King St. most of those years, Reeves and Son Shoe Repair operated by Mrs. Doris Dixon  never experienced the vandalism her business suffered after the May 30 riot in downtown Charleston.

Broken glass surrounding an overturned flower pot littered the front of the store where someone had thrown an object through the window. But the interior of the store was not vandalized. The petite woman, still spry in her maturity, has operated the shoe repair shop since her husband died in 1979.

A fixture in a dying craft learned after her husband passed, Dixon said she feels the culprits probably were young people from outside the Charleston community “being rambunctious and doing stupid things”.

Volunteers showed up Sunday morning to help clean up. Like many other businesses on King Street, the shop has been closed due to the COVID pandemic. Dixon says it probably will be a few more weeks before she can reopen. Hers is one of only a handful of Black owned businesses operating on King Street.

“I thank God they didn’t go inside and spray paint anything, and for the kindness of those who came to help me,” she said.

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