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A New World Order Taking Place

By Hakim Abdul-Ali

I was recently listening in a gas station to two very pessimistic men talking about what’s presently going on in the world-at-large. As I stood behind them in line at the cashier’s counter, and in hearing more of their informal and unpretentious bantering, I felt ironically that they seemed to be completely unaware about what really was occurring in the current living process.

One of these guys was a Euro-American and the other was an Afro-American, both of whom, in my candid view, were clueless of the fact that there is “a new world order” taking place right before their eyes. In proceeding, I must explain why I use the term “a new world order” in this column, with no intended references to any present day racist regimes, clandestine habitual “poly-tricks” or past freelance economic conspiratorial agendas.

No way. In using that expression, I’m speaking about the real spiritual realms and living environments we’re currently facing and existing in while just trying to figure how to navigate this coronavirus and COVID-19 disease pandemic atmosphere that’s engulfing “hue-mankind” with dread. It’s definitely “A New World Order Taking Place.”

Believe it or not, the covert political globalists and economic strategists know that that’s a sufficient area of concern where we all nations need to intelligently grasp that innumerable  things will not be like they were before. So don’t become tricked and hoodwinked, en masse, by all of the mass hysteria, counterfeit news and undocumented scientific facts floating about what this mysterious, and still very much feared disease, is all about and what it is going to do next to whom, what and where in the unplanned present and unpredictable future.

In so many novice assembly circles today, e.g., from gas station lines to corporate suites of big business, many ethnic folk are socially distancing themselves from understanding the bona fide scientific truths and qualified medical realities with regards to being safe as possible from the virus’ effects. When this happens, and it’s occurring all over the globe, anyone is subject to become fallen prey to all sorts of capricious things they don’t really know anything factually about, especially, as it relates to something as devastating as this petrifying pandemic.

Every nation and ethnicity are held speechless and in suspense about this scary disease, never knowing if it lurks around them or is  attached to anyone or anything they may come in contact with. I guess you could also call the fake news we sometimes hear irrational hysteria in all of its varied, simplistic norms.

I refer to those erroneous, unsubstantiated news outlets merely, again, as sometimes scripted politically disinformation and fallacious media misinformation in many cases. And when so many unintelligent thinkers everywhere consume these unauthentic newsless tidbits, it’s no wonder most of those miseducated folk, of all ethnicities, become like 21st century “sheepeople.”

“Sheepeople,” for one’s Ebonics’ clarification, are any misinformed ethnic grouping, who resemble sheep in “hue-man” form, and are continuously led astray by their own miseducated ignorances, patterned stupidities and self-indulged pessimisms. I hope that doesn’t apply to you, but if you know of others in your worlds of existences who that word may fit, or does relate to, then you already know what “ignorance is bliss” truly means in today’s spiritual intelligent quota breakdown.

Some folk, even you, may disagree with me on that but, with respect to everyone else’s views and opinions, it’s cool to have varying opinions about certain issues and views, as long as misinformation and  miseducation aren’t at the centers of our differences. In attaining the truth and seeking right knowledge of things, I, wholeheartedly, agree with that intellectual pursuit, as long as our desired intents are to get to the bottom of what is “the truth” about certain issues that need to be discussed with mutual respect and not hatred.

That can be a very rocky communicational slope for some heedless folk to traverse upon because “the truth” may be hidden behind their lies of whimsical insecurities and sinister falsehoods. If you comprehend that then you should know too that we must also not become lost in our very own continual self-delusional entrapments of ignorances and moldy persistent fears about the unknown, especially, if truth seeking and legitimate acquisition of same are really what we all claim to be about.

Saying that now brings me back again to the recent COVID-19 disease, which has brought the entire “hue-man” global world to its knees, while ravaging the remainder of the universe with reckless abandonment over the last six months going forward. “As I See It,” the way some folk lived their former lives, prior to the current global coronavirus onslaught, is truly past tense, hence, today is a now a new day with “a new world order” settling in upon us all.

Once more, in my blunt observation, the way some global populations lived their lives previously may have been called “the old world order,” but what’s taking place now, before our very eyes, is nothing short of “an unforeseen new world happening” in so many untold, and yet unrealized, dimensions. I know that’s very true in the area where I currently live in America, just as it is for those living elsewhere in the USA and beyond.

The drastic and totally unexpected disrupted reversal of so many millions of folks’ lives in this country alone has brought me to the conviction that nothing will be the same in so many unimagined norms. With that being a reality, “the new world order” will challenge many folk to (spiritually) understand the very scope of returning to the new normals of today’s actualities are the realities of  their unsuspecting lives going forth.

None of us are being spared from experiencing any of “the new world order” truths and challenges because it’s part of the Most High Alone’s ordered decrees. I have no other intelligent way of succinctly putting it to you for your or anyone else’s apprehension other than by saying that each moment in time is an unequalled gift from the Creator Alone.

I suggest to one and all to please never forget that pristine, unassailable fact, because to be alive in the present is the ultimate expression of how mercifully kind the Creator Alone of everyone and everything is to us all who are alive and well in this time frame called “the now.” So, never forgot that  yesterday’s old world order was the past, and, in this today’s present arena, which I’ve labeled “the new world order,” we we must deal with life’s unanticipated challenges to come in “the now.”

All “hue-mans,” who are virus free and are healthy living in the present moment, have so much to be prayerfully thankful for until I feel that there’s never enough thanks and praises that any “hue-man” can’t and shouldn’t be extended to the Creator Alone. As I’ve mentioned before, if you’re  a continual reader of my vibes and thoughts over the decades, it shouldn’t surprise you where I’m coming from because I truly know that life and death are controlled by God Alone, the sovereign and omnipotent sustainer of everyone and everything in life as we know it to be.

So, I firmly believe that, even as some foolish-minded folk fret about their returns to past normal (?) states of existences, I trust that they realize that it’s only by the grace of the Creator Alone that they are now living in the present. For that fact alone, I affirm that we all give God Alone the glory for allowing us to be here in “the now.”

Please keep that truthful reality prayerfully in front of your daily mindset because there’s “A New World Order Taking Place,” and things are probably not going to be like they were in many past unsolicited norms and degrees of understandings. So, remember though that life must and will go on. This is the Creator Alone’s “New World Order.” Enough said. Be safe and stay healthy. For today and always, that’s, “As I See It.”




  1. linda lynch on June 29, 2020 at 7:50 am

    Thank you for explaining the “New World Order ” I kept hearing this “term” and just wasn’t quite sure. I am one of the lucky one’s. I am 69 years old, I have not had the virus. Although I do go to the stores.
    I went to church this past Sunday. The
    First time since all this happened.
    I was watching on Facebook..
    I do give God all the Glory and Praise.
    I thank him every day for the “Now”
    Thank you for your article.
    Ms. Lynch
    Great Falls, SC

    • Julie on July 1, 2020 at 10:38 pm

      This is the new world order explained. The current one coming is not from God.

      The New World Order in Bible Prophecy – Jan Markell – Understanding the Times with Jan Markell – Watch Christian Video, TV

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