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VOTE411 – Voters Guide

As the June 9 S.C. primary and June 23 runoff approach, the COVID-19 pandemic has brought changes to the election process. The League of Women Voters of the Charleston Area offers voters the nonpartisan election resource to help inform voters about those changes. 

The “one-stop-shop” for election information provides simple, easy tools to help S.C. voters navigate the voting process. VOTE411 provides a voter registration tool that includes information on requesting an absentee ballot, which all registered S.C. voters can now use to vote in June. The award-winning site also includes candidate information, polling place information, and other helpful election information for all voters nationwide.

Since 2006, VOTE411 has provided election information to voters. The site was named Best Government and Civil Innovation Website in the 24th Annual Webby People’s Voice Awards.

Your voice is more important than ever before—There are options to participate in elections safely. Voting absentee by mail has never been easier. If you do vote in person, wear face-covering and limit exposure by avoiding peak times at polling places—traditionally lunchtime and before and after work. There may be polling place closures or relocations. Check VOTE411 for the most up-to-date information about where you can vote. 

Celebrating the 100th Anniversary of our founding, the League continues to be non-partisan, favoring no political party nor candidate.  We do support active citizen engagement in our democracy and full participation in our voting processes.

Barbara Griffin, President of the League of Women Voters of the Charleston Area

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