What About the Parents?

Without a doubt these are trying times. Every day we hear about, talk about and honor first line responders and essential workers. I support this, but I would like to add parents to those we honor as well. In most situations parents don’t have a choice about the role they must perform. For example, imagine a parent trying their best to teach third grade math to their child, but having difficulty even trying to spell third grade math.

Parents must wake up each day during this COVID19 crisis ready to perform their duties with no days off. However, parents will not see their faces on TV or hear their names on the news for doing a good job. There will be no thank you or parade for them, even though we cannot do it without them.

America we will get through these tough times because tough time are not new, but let’s take a moment to remember that if we all do a little individually then together we can do a lot. This includes parents. My message to all parents is to remember you’re very important. Don’t stop doing what you are doing. You are making a difference, we need you and we appreciate you. Please stay safe.


Wendell J. Rodgers

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