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Thinking About The Present Times

By Hakim Abdul-Ali

As you read this, I’d like you to consider the spiritual fact about how bless you and I are to be alive in this phase of existence so far, especially, considering what’s going on. I hope you are not taking that for granted because the living experience thus far is becoming quite a confrontation on many undisclosed fronts for all sorts of ethnic folk in the universe.

And even here in the beautiful Lowcountry of South Carolina, where I currently live, you can see the challenges and changes occurring and taking place among diverse ethnic folk. The reality of what’s happening on the global stages of the wall-to-wall living experiences is engulfing and confusing untold multitudes everywhere mainly due to the novel coronavirus pandemic.

The coronavirus, or COVID-19,  pandemic has made these definitive times that we’re presenting residing in a distinct and harrowing provocation, to say the least. With perilous unknown health dangers ahead and contagiously hazardous atmospheres presently that most of “hue-manity” now has to encounter, everyone should have realized by now that this disease is no joke.

And, along with general pessimism about what really is going on politically surrounding “The American People’s” legitimate info about this disease, no wonder some of them and others are   suspect about everything. Maybe, that’s why I’m contemplatively “Thinking About the Present Times.”

All this brings to the surface of common sense understandings that who really is telling general public the truth about what’s really, really going on  concerning this deadly disease adversary that’s still claiming lives as I write. The truth about the COVID-19, or coronavirus, disease is becoming estranged from the general public’s  knowledge like less fact that fiction.

This disease is humbling many folk in every sector of the world as it shows no particular favoritism toward any race, culture, religion, creed or celebrity. That’s why I’m probably still “Thinking About the Present Times” with such introspection, while some others openly reject the need for self-analysis of deciphering what this virus’ presence amongst “hue-manity” really is saying to the intelligent, inquiring spiritual souls.

Some serious-minded conspiratorial souls, on the other hand, may think that all of what’s happening of late, in regards to the pandemic, is becoming like high drama sci-fi fiction and medical unending subterfuge. And still there’s another segment, who probably feels that every moment above ground for the aware and spiritually studious among us, is a continued blessing to give thanks and praises to the Creator Alone that they are still here.

I’m thinking liking that now too as I type this article, knowing how precious each second in the living experience truly, truly is. I trust that as you read this, you’ll realize that some folk, maybe in your vey own inner or outer circles of family, friends and associates, were here last week this time, but the virus, or some other disease, may have claimed them, and they are no longer on the scene.

In many sectors of America and in the rest of globe, so many folks have lost loved ones to whatever it was that took them out of this phase of living until the inconceivable numbers leave me breathless and speechless. The rapid quickness of COVID-19’s deadly assault and catastrophic impact on “hue-mankind” over the last half year, e.g., has also made me think somewhat about the future of the world’s global societies going forward.

In thinking about that, I pray that most reasonable folk would come to their senses before it’s too late, because they need to realize what they’re facing in this deadly disease, which has already proven it’s nothing to play with. We must guard our bodily temples, souls and lives with safe, wise and  precautionary measures that ensure our  long lasting health as best we can maintain and exhibit.

So, please don’t take this COVID-19 pandemic as a passing fancy, as I believe more than a few totally clueless folk of “hue-manity”are doing to their own uneventful tragedies. Do you hear what I’m telling you?

Listen closely. This novel coronavirus disease is an invisible killer attacking the entire “hue-man” body–damaging the brain, sensory system, kidneys, gastrointestinal system, eyes, lungs, heart, blood, immune system and feet.

Did you scope what I just related to you? Do yourself an intelligent favor and read up on how devastating this novel disease is? The message is clear—only you can safeguard your life, if it really has any value to you (and others).

Remember that ignorance and stupidly go hand-in-hand like death and funerals. Be safe and follow all of the healthy precautions that qualified medical authorities are advocating. Beware of the coronavirus’ early warning signals and take the steps to protect yourself and others.

Finally, as a proud brother of color, and an American who desires nothing but the best for every citizen, I have to give a huge respectful shoutout to all of the doctors, nurses, medical assistants, firemen, police officers, politicians, religious leaders, food bank folk, etc. for all that they do (and have done) to ease the suffering of those affected by this terrible disease. You’re all the best and some more and may God Alone reward you all. I truly mean that.

These are the folk who make me feel proud of being born in the USA. Now, if we could transfer that cooperation, unbiased support and respect for all to other fabrics of the American reality, then we’d have a beautiful democratic tapestry which shows how awesome this potentially great nation could and should be for all, regardless of race, creed or color.

I don’t really know how you view the living experience, especially, after the onslaught of the deadly coronavirus pandemic, but life has to move forward.

The life that many folks knew of six short months is probably never, ever going to be that same way going forward.

The reality is that Americans, and all other nationalities from throughout the globe, will be on check points from this moment on proceeding into the unforeseeable future. When your, my or someone else’s death number is called, it’s a wrap, or a done deal, and there’s nothing you, me, or anyone else can do to change, or alter, that act from occurring.

I believe that when the Most High Alone says, “Be and it is,” it’s an unchangeable, finite action in all senses of comprehending the divine powers of any of God Alone’s decrees. Be safe. For today and always, that’s, “As I See It.”

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