St. James Santee Family Health Center Announces New Name, Logo and Tagline

St. James Santee Family Health Center, a provider of quality comprehensive primary healthcare for more than 38 years, announces on May 15, 2020 the launch of a new brand identity, name and tagline. The organization will now be known as St. James Health & Wellness. Among the other changes will be its logo and domain name.

The organization’s Board of Directors, senior management and community members determined that evolving its identity, rather than completely changing its name, was the best decision. The reputation and community relationships built over more than 38 years are valuable assets, but needed to reflect the evolving nature of wellness, health and additional resources and services provided to our community. The new naming effectively addresses all issues.

“Over the years, we’ve built a reputation of providing quality, comprehensive primary care,” said Sandra Gilliard, St. James Health & Wellness’ CEO. “Discussions with our Board, staff and community confirmed that evolving our name to continue honoring our historic community while continuing to provide the same quality services, was the appropriate strategic move for us. While we wanted to accurately reflect our work in the new naming, we also wanted to pursue new opportunities in health and wellness and to market the organization to a broader community base.”

Including a new tagline “Your Health Matters”, places the patient and community front and center in the rebranding. This is part of the organization’s strategy to proactively lead within the evolving health care industry, maintain our patient and community relationships while creating a foundation for new opportunities.

The use of the colors green, blue and yellow in the new logo represent the vibrancy and beauty of our local land and seascapes while the organic element of the logo is based very loosely on the historic aspect of the rice grain/plant. Our new logo is bold, eye-catching and professional, but also inviting. The style is reminiscent of a welcome to someone’s home, symbolizing warmth and friendliness.

St. James Health & Wellness has also introduced a new Community Advisory Committee allowing for stronger engagement with our patient base and community while providing a listening ear to their concerns and suggestions. This is in addition to hosting “Lunch with the CEO” events throughout our service area with elected officials and community leaders while sharing our mission and services.

“Exciting Changes” 

“This is an exciting change for us and marks a strategic pivot in our future as a primary care provider,” said Charles Johnson, chair of the Board of Directors. “Especially during these times of the Corona Virus pandemic, we remain committed to the community we serve while acknowledging the incredible potential for new services and growth. Our new name, logo and tagline positions us for these opportunities as a leader in community health care.”

Continuing its role as a leader in healthcare, St. James Health & Wellness will provide COVID-19 testing to individuals at all locations in its service area.

In all, the branding embodies an organization that is reinventing itself, but is still very committed to our historic community roots. The new identity builds upon our relationships, continued quality care, but also opens doors to the future.

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