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Silent Reflections on a Spring Day

By Hakim Abdul-Ali

Today is one of those days where I’m silently “vibing” on simple realities signifying that I’m seeking peace and greater understanding of what the Most High Alone is presently revealing to me. I’m alone and very isolated while thinking about the quietness of this springtime power moment, and it’s truly an awesome feeling.

I’m sensing that there’s a pristine beautiful spirituality happening before my eyes, while I’m appreciating the splendors of nature, and I have to admit that I’m loving it. That’s so very important  for me to express this because I can see how wonderful the Creator Alone of everyone and everything is in all of His Alone’s merciful majesties.

In addition, I’m writing this column on  the eleventh sacred fasting day of Ramadan for this year, and also I’m just savoring how invigorating spiritual fasting really is. My deeper sense of understanding how special this time of the year is a blessing to recognize because I realize how fortunate I am in regards to simply being alive in this austere writing moment.

While uttering that, I also sense that there maybe more than a few distracted and inattentive ethnic folk in “hue-manity,” who don’t understand that the living experience is a fragile entity, and that’s so sad. I refer to it in that manner because it’s so unexplainable for me to realize how any created soul in creation could deny the existence of the Supreme Creator Alone’s presence.

And, in the midst of the ongoing coronavirus disease pandemic that’s sweeping just about every nation on earth with reckless abandonment, that reality alone should bring every thinking ethnic folk to his or her spiritual senses with greater cognitive recognition. Sometimes, some of us in “hue-manity” become so preoccupied with the present life’s cosmetic enticements and all of its alluring irrelevant entrapments until they may tend to forget that all of this could very well end in the wink of an eye.

Listen carefully. You, me and all other, hopefully, sanely aware ethnic folk of the universe should never, ever forget how divinely sacred life is and how it can seemingly be taken away with the snap of a finger. This should apparently be easily understood by observing how this virus pandemic came out of nowhere, so-to-speak, and has everyone on his or her knees, never knowing who is going to be next on death’s inevitable roll call.

Whatever you think of the pandemic, it most should be a wake up call to the aware among “hue-manity.”  So, with the staggering and completely unexpected death tolls hovering and rising around the globe, it’s no wonder why the disillusioned and the abstract-minded are at a lost in their cosmically nonsensical worlds of existences.

At times like these, I feel that all of us should be more engrossed in remembering that each second in the living experience is so very precious, especially, as the COVIID-19 disease ravishes the globe with maddening abandonment. This is a time I believe where “Silent Reflections on a Spring Day” are very much in order.

Thinking about that, as I continue my thoughts, maybe, is why my spiritual head is into such privately peaceful and thankful vibrations of thinking about how tranquil it is to be at peace within one’s self. I know in times like these, it’s so very crucial that I keep that “no worry” frame of mind going forward, and I hope that you’re there also.

We need to remember that our silent positive thoughts, actions and deeds, whatever they are and when performed in cohesive conflict-free unison with one’s harmonious way of living, are the ones that keep us spiritually balanced and stable. Again, never forget that because in the long scheme of life’s happenings, being spiritually calm will bring positive inner harmony and solace to one’s troubled or perplexed soul.

I really believe this to be true because life’s experiences have taught me that thus far. And, I guess, in some poetic way, I’m only mentioning some things that  are from the vaults of my mind and soul on this springtime day because I believe that being at peace is also an expression of understanding that patience is a virtue.

Call me what you want, but I’m a prayerful ethnic being, so I believe that patience is an acquired belief system to be practiced. I realize and optimize that in knowing what being of faith is all about, and it’s definitely about recognizing the importance of having patience in one’s life and what it’s all about.

No one can deny that these are some laborious time we’re all facing in our lives, and we must be safe and careful as we go about our day-to-day interactions. I trust that you comprehend what I’m saying when I mentioned that warning sentiment because the living experience, I dear say, will bring about drastic changes in how society interacts with each other going forward.

So, this I firmly believe is the occasion when patience and wisdom must go hand-and-hand in my way of looking at surviving the trials and ordeals of today’s topsy-turvy, uncertain and ever-changing worlds of existences. Don’t be a fool—be safe and follow sane health precautions because the COVID-19 pandemic can kill at a wink of an eye.

Be healthy and smarter than the foolish ones among us. It takes spiritual wisdom of the highest nature to truly embellish, with discernment, that the living experience we are so fortunate to be granted is a fragile journey and not a guaranteed happening.

I sign off today with something one of my martial arts sensei taught me decades ago about being mindful and wise concerning the occurrences in the living experience. He said, as best I can remember, “The mind of an unaware soul is (is always) wavering and restless. It’s very difficult to guard and restrain. So, let the wise spiritually aware soul straighten his mind as a maker of arrows makes his arrows straight.”

I hope you understood that, but another way to express this general theme is to merely say that “one’s  thoughts dictates, or corresponds, to one’s actions.” Think smart. Be safe. Remember the Most High Alone at all times. Always give thanks. For today and always, that’s, “As I See It.”


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