Charleston County Council Candidate Announces Socially Distanced Campaign Cookout

Jesse Williams

Jesse Williams, a candidate for Charleston County Council Dist 3 (which stretches from Otranto and North Charleston to downtown Charleston and across to Mount Pleasant) has announced plans for the area’s first socially distanced Democratic campaign cookout. It will be held Friday, May 22 from 6 pm to 8 pm in Mt. Pleasant at 32 Sowell Street.

According to the event announcement, “Come … for Catsup, Campaigning and no COVID when we convene a socially distanced cookout. Cover up with your mask. We’ll be using gloves and tongs to cook the comestibles. Coleslaw and Corn. Condiments will be in tiny containers. We’ll have the area composed so companions can communicate while cherishing four cubits of social distance. There will be Caribbean music. Cash for the campaign would be convenient. A contribution of $10 or more is craved. But if you are a constituent without cents, come anyway. Canisters of hand sanitizer will be canapes. Comradery with every course. Capture your coupon! Contribute to Jesse Williams crusade via @actblue and come to the cookout.”

Volunteer-made mask from Mount Pleasant

According to Williams, COVID-19 demands a complete rethink of the once simple effort to hold a modest campaign cookout:

“There can be no shared condiment bottles. A trained volunteer puts your sanitized mustard packet on your sterile plate with a pair of tongs. After they’re done, you pick your hot dog up from a sanitized table. Everyone wears a mask. We’ll still have fun. Democrats are plenty loud enough to have a discussion from six feet apart. There will be lots of hand sanitizer for everyone, but they must be sure to push down on the plunger with a tissue, not their bare hands. Trained volunteers will make sure it works and help people stay safe while preventing reflexive dangerous behaviors which were once commonplace. We’re going to manage this thing. It’s going to be complicated, but if we can clean up the district after Republicans, we can keep the virus off your buns. Signing up online will help make sure all the extra supplies are on hand.”

For more information, contact Jesse Williams at [email protected] or 843-642-4233.

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