C.E. Williams Middle School to serve students on two campuses in 2020-2021 school year

C.E. Williams Middle School Principals Kevin Smith and Maite Porter

The uncertainties caused by COVID-19 have led district and school administrators to choose a different model for the merger of two middle schools in Constituent District 10 for the next school year.

The merger of West Ashley and C.E. Williams Middle Schools will continue, just not on one campus. Sixth graders from both schools will attend the West Ashley Middle School campus when schools open in the fall, while seventh and eighth graders from both schools will attend the new C.E. Williams Middle School.

District administration and principals at the two schools made this decision after the CCSD Board of Trustees voted to allow them to select the best viable option moving forward with the merger of District 10 middle school students. Principals, a group consisting of West Ashley Middle/C.E. Williams parents, West Ashley Middle/C.E. Williams teachers, and district-level leaders reviewed public survey comments and discussed 2020-21 schooling options related to the pandemic before making the final recommendation supporting the two-campus configuration.

A variety of logistical and developmental concerns, many of them related to the current pandemic, led to the recommendation. With so many unknowns, those involved in the decision-making process agreed this was the most prudent decision and the best option to ensure completion by August 2020.

By expanding to two school locations for the coming year, there will also be a significant increase in the amount of instructional space for smaller groups of students on both campuses as CCSD leaders consider how to safely deliver instruction to students in the future. Educators will be able to more adequately address the heightened social, emotional, and developmental needs of sixth graders. Many of those needs will be related to unintended learning gaps created by COVID-19’s extended school closure. “

The physical, emotional, and academic well-being of students remains our top priority as the nation and world face this unsettling pandemic,” said Principals Kevin Smith and Maite Porter in a joint letter. “Given the uncertainties that this pandemic presents, the best decision is serving Williams’ sixth graders on the West Ashley Middle School campus and seventh and eighth graders on the C.E. Williams campus to ensure the best possible educational experience for our students.”

For more information, visit the D10 Updates page on the District’s website.

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