Food Assistance Programs Critical for Low-Income Children and Families

The Census Bureau works with state and tribal governments to ensure recipients of SNAP don’t lose their benefits if they come to work for the 2020 Census. (Photo: iStockphoto / NNPA)

According to the Census Bureau, of the 13.8 million households that receive SNAP, 6.7 million have children under the age of 18 and 6.4 million have someone living with a disability.

Of all the homes with children under 18, some 18% receive assistance from SNAP, according to the Census Bureau’s 2018 American Community Survey.

Students who qualify for SNAP also get free or reduced-cost school lunches.

Federal nutrition programs are among the many reasons it is so important to respond (and report all children, including newborns, living in your home) to the2020 Census.

Knowing how many children are in an area helps federal, state and local officials evaluate funding for nutrition programs.

SNAP and the National School Lunch Program are just two nutrition programs that use census results to inform planning. Other programs include the National School Breakfast Program(NSBP), lunch programs forpeople age 65 years and older and meal delivery to disabled and homebound individuals.

The Census Bureau works with state and tribal governments to ensure recipients of SNAP don’t lose their benefits if they come to work for the 2020 Census.

They are working to get census income excluded so recipients who receive benefits can work as census takers (enumerators) without losing their benefits or eligibility status.

The Census Bureau has partnered with the U.S. Department of Agriculture (which administers SNAP) to exclude income from temporary employment for 2020 Census. While it is ultimately a state decision whether to exempt 2020 Census income earned, a great majority of states have already agreed to this waiver.

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  1. PIMPP on April 30, 2020 at 2:24 pm

    Hunger is not the only concern African Americans are facing, even prior to this epidemic. The plight of middle class to no-income is just set lower as a #Concern2Care. Working in various areas of societal negligence, discriminatory practices, political parasites that pimp peopleś pain, we need to be alarmed. What state do you reside and see homeless and hunger, educational system deplorable and left behind while catching up from a late start. Welcome to the #PimpPeoplesPain and each time people are in need we are pimped (social security number, name, income) you are now apart of the criteria, added to the roster and aware of your needs, but YOU will likely be waiting and wanting. I cant’promise you anything, unlike politicians who will promise, from two to four years, people will wait and many will fall victim to the plight of the pimp game. They get what they want from you, you VOTE, your Time, your Money and you get Screwed (*keep it PG) or F*#k (rated R). I want to say personal, positive, pleasant message of HOPE, but I want to give you the #SweetnSour of life and the reality that will hurt. We will hurt together because being screwed does not feel comfortable; but we will bring some lubrication into this #PimpGame and it will not hurt as bad. Hold the #PoliticiansofPimppinPeople accountable and what they claim they will do for you and if you just do this and that….So I will leave you with this thought, every day you are waiting to return to work, trying to make a dollar out of fifteen cent, praying, meditating and asking for help when it is not in service, #AChangeWillCome but we have to work together to bring love, safety, protection, trust and family back to #OurVillage
    We haven´t met, so I do not want to be rude
    Hello and we will cross paths again soon
    There is a Purpose In My PainPassion. Music, Poetry, Books, Prayer
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