Something Old, Something New Among June 9 Primary Candidates

By Barney Blakeney

Candidate filing for the June 9 primary elections closed March 31. The elections will feature a few familiar, and some not so familiar candidates. Election officials are asking the Gov. Henry McMaster and the local delegation to expand voting by mail prior to the June Primaries due to the virus.

In Charleston County, the ballots will feature some candidates seeking to fill seats in the November 3 general election who won’t have challenges from current incumbents. Most notably in Charleston County Council where Dist. 6 where A.Vic Rawl isn’t seeking re-election and dist. 7 where Colleen Condon won’t seek re-election. State Representatives David Mack and Robert Brown won’t seek re-election.

In Dist. 6, African Methodist Episcopal Church Minister Kylon Middleton is seeking election in the June 9 Democratic primary. He will face Christan Rainey. Darryl Griffin is a Republican primary candidate for the seat as is LaDon Paige. Colleen Condon isn’t seeking re-election in Charleston County Council Dist. 7 where Republican Sheri Irwin and Democrat Jesse Williams are seeking their respective party’s nomination.

Statewide S.C. Republican Sen. Sandy Senn will be challenged by Democrat Sam Skardon. The S.C. House seats will feature more contests. Twenty-four year veteran Rep. David Mack, III will not seek re-election in Dist. 109. North Charleston community activist James Johnson has filed as a June 9 Democratic primary candidate for the seat. Also in the running are Jeff Wilder and Deon Tedder.

Interestingly in House Dist. 116, where incumbent Rep. Robert Brown will not seek re-election, newly elected Hollywood Town councilwoman Chardale Murray has thrown her name in the hat to succeed Brown as a Democrat. And in House Dist. 111 incumbent Wendell Gilliard has an uncustomary challenge in the person of Regina Duggins. In House Dist. 113 Democrat Raneisha Holmes will challenge incumbent Marvin Perndarvis.

Beyond the political, Funeral home owner Herbert S. Fielding has filed to fill the seat as Charleston County Coroner. He will face Frank Broccolo for the Democratic nomination.


  1. Ron on April 30, 2020 at 11:33 am

    I do not live In your city, but I am a candidate for voting by mail. I wish every city would do this. This will also benefit the candidates in the election because more people will vote.

  2. Jeff Wilder on May 4, 2020 at 12:10 pm

    You are so right exercising your right to vote is very important so having knowledge of how and when will allow you to make decisions. Please take the time to go to my website and get to know me! Wherever you’re located be safe and take care your family
    Sincerely Jeff Wilder candidate district 109

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